Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 7 7/19 Ft. Lauderdale

Woke up around 7, I started getting myself ready, went to guest services, got my bill and went back to the room,
It's time to go so I asked Vusi to carry my suitcase  , he carries my bag up the stairs for me then we give each other a hug said goodbye I and went up to Lido for breakfast.

Ate breakfast, text a few people, then around 9:15  made my way down to debark, stood in line, finally  got off the ship and through customs about 10, called the shuttle, she said he should be there soon, and I looked up and he was already there! Perfect timing! Got on the shuttle and we then went to the airport. we arrived at the airport around 11, I found a spot to sit and plug in my phone and just sat there. Around 2 Danny (the friend that I met from the night before calls me) and says he's gonna come see me at the airport since he lives in Miami he thought he'd help me kill some time!!! I thought that was super sweet!! So he drives up, gets there around 3:15 and I go out, get in the car and he takes me for lunch at Sal's in Ft. Lauderdale where we had yummy food and then a really yummy chocolate ganache dessert! OMG I loved it!!!!  After that we went to Dave & Busters and played games, for a little while and  we just had a ton of fum, laughing, joking around, being silly!! I even got a cute little pig from our tickets

He took me back to the airport, we hugged, and said our goodbyes. I was so glad to get out of that airport! I thought I was going to lose my mind sitting there!!  Perfect way to end a great week.

Piggy Cruise!!!  (One bad-ass lil pig!)

The plane was 30 mins late, so I just hung out in the boarding area, until it was time to finally board the plane, then we headed to Atlanta where the kids came to pick me up!! It was so good seeing them!! I had a great trip but really really missed my kids!!!!

So another YOLO adventure down in the history books!!! Now it's time to get back on track and burn off all the yummy desserts & liquor  and food that I indulged in over the week!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 6 -Sailing day 7/18

Was super tired from partying all night, finally got myself awake and went  up to Lido got an omelet and some other food and had my coffee on the deck, like I had done all week..

Went back to the room, got changed, so I then went to the Sky Course, that I had been wanting to do all week! Waiting in line for a little bit and then it was my turn! I took the "most difficult" route and headed off!! Walking on wobbly ladders, single ropes, wide ropes etc...   that was awesome!!!! 

Then went to exercise,  did 35 mins on elliptical and 15 minutes of  lifting weights, went back to the room, showered and put my bathing suit on to go sun tan

Laid out for while then Iwent to see a friend that I met the night before in the club.

Afterwards I walked back to the room, hung out for while then Vusi called to tell me that he'd made reservations at the Italian restaurant for the evening, so I just laid reading the kindle before it was time to go, Got dressed and then we went up to the Red frog and had a drink and played checkers, where I got my ass kicked over and over, I think he won all but one game, and that was only because he couldn't move! LOL 

We then went up to the restaurant,   It was nice, the food was nice and it was so nice to not be eating again on Lido! 

After dinner we went to the comedy club for both of the shows, then  we parted ways and I went out to the club then out on the deck to chat with some new friends and finally made it back to the room around 3:30!! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 5 Cozumel

Woke up, then showered, got dressed  came up to Lido deck like I've done everyday to drink my coffee out on the deck! Getting ready to go down to debark to just go exploring

After breakfast I got off the boat and took a taxi to Mega to get Vusi some body wash, then went exploring found some little shops and just looked around, found a Hooters so I ate there and talked to the kids on kik, wifi is so great when you're outta the country!

Decided to walk back to port to burn off the chicken sandwich and fries I'd just ate, while I was walking I found a lady doing massages on the beach, 30-mins for 20 bucks!!!!! I was like ok, lets do it!! It was awesome ~ they were on the beach which I'd never had a massage on the beach before, it was so relaxing I totally loved it!!!!!!!!! 

After that I grabbed a gigantic margarita, talked to kids, uploaded some pics, then finished my walk to the boat!! It wasn't too bad of a walk, just hot!!
I even saw two iguanas that I literally walked up to , to take a pic of!!!

Went to the club and danced the night away until 3:15 in the morning!

Great day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 4 Grand Cayman 7/16

Today's adventure was a tour of Pedro St. James,  tortuga rum shop, Hell and 7 Mile beach.  We got off the boat and had to wait around nearly an hour 
Went to Pedro St James learned about history of Cayman Islands,  toured the house then drove onto next stops


Went to beach, only had an hour or so but it was nice to cool off in the water.

Got back on the boat, and  went to Lido where we discovered it was formal night, then I was disapointed that we ate crap food instead of formal dining. .ughhhhhhh I hate the Lido deck and to miss formal night I was totally bummed!! Formal night is the highlight of cruising.

 After we ate we went for a walk a bunch of times around boat, .. Stopped at the Red frog for a drink before going to the show.

 so after the walk we went to the comedy, and  then diva show, it was pretty good, nothing spectacular so when it was over he was tired so  I went upstairs to see what was going on, went to Lido, then the club was there for a little while and gave up and came back and went to bed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 3 - Jamaica 7/15

Got up early got ready went upstairs had coffee on the deck, I thought this was a beautiful view to drink my coffee, I  Chatted with a nice man for nearly an hour, then went down to 0 to disembark.

Got off the boat pretty quickly, Got a shuttle to Dunn Falls, and paid to get in, then got with my group, met a mom and daughter from up north some where, and we chatted the whole time her name was Valerie and her daughter was Mia!

My Video /Guide - Prince Yeh Mon!

The climb up the water falls was awesome, really awesome actually we had fun,  goofing off, being silly, taking pics, they even let us slide down like a water slide, just laid on our back and slid down!!! It was amazing!  Later we  stood on an edge and fell off the rock backwards, that was scary but again awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Finished the climb, took pics, then went down to the beach, took some pics chatted with some locals who wanted to party I graciously passed!!!

Got on the shuttle they stopped at some shopping areas where I didn't like the store, they were so pushy, had some cream rum samples and left, the prices were insane,  so I went to the flea market next door and got moms tee shirt and some bracelets for the kids.

Grabbed a shot of coconut rum and tried to get wifi but it didn't work, rode the shuttle back to port, did some more shopping and got a liter of coconut rum to bring back!!!!!! LOL!! Lots of Rum today!! 
Boarded the boat totally drunk and came to the room and then went to suntan on the deck

Came back around 5 got a shower and waiting for Vusi to get here to go eat!!!!
Went to the sushi restaurant  for dinner then to comedy club after that, later went to deck party and hung out with Tanya and John (who I met when I was boarding the boat),  then  around 12:30 went to bed