Sunday, September 8, 2013

First week of Sept recap

I have to say all in all my first week was GREAT! I had one day where I ate way to much sugar, but there was no binging and no emotional eating!!!

Started month 171.2

1st 1244 deficit
2nd 1185 deficit
3rd 1183 deficit
4th 1338 deficit
5th 995 deficit
6th 0 deficit
7th 1104 deficit
5711 deficit for the week..

Today's weigh in 167.8 that's 3.4 pounds gone for the week (and I've been on my period since Tuesday!) WOO HOOO!!! Really excited to see so much progress!!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

sugar crazy 9/6

started the day yesterday pretty good, got 2 hours of exercise in before 9 a.m., I was on track really until about 4 p.m. then I started just not caring and instead of cooking dinner I decided we're going out for dinner, went to Logan's and I made decent choices.  I ordered onion petals but I share them with the girls, which normally I eat by myself and then I ordered a house salad, a grilled chicken and biscuits mashed potatoes, which wasn't bad but I know I had way too many peanuts!!
and then it went downhill from there, went to Walmart and bought a box of Reese's Pieces, and a coconut white chocolate bar. I devoured both of them in about 10 minutes, and then later I have a Klondike bar not sure exactly how many calories I had but I know that I shouldn't have had that many.
I'm not going to beat myself up over it it's just time to move on from it, I've come so far this month and I'm not going to stress about it. it is what it is I made those choices now I have to make the rest of the weekend better!!
Moving along

Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5th

Great day, was really tired today, stayed up way to late on phone.
but I hit all of my goals

Sept 4th

Great day, very proud of myself and my accomplishments... 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BAM!!!!! I'm awesome!!

Today was another perfect day, hit my ranges with food and exercise and water!!! Feeling great & so strong and ready to ROCK this month!!

1270 calories, 149 carbs, 28 fat, 114 Protein , 1116 Sodium & 29 fiber

167.4 today on scale

Another great day, proud of myself

yesterday was a great day I got up
I went to the park to train a client well she didn't show up but I walk for 15 minutes then I came home and I hauled all of my exercise equipment downstairs and then I came back upstairs and did 30 minutes on the elliptical!
I had a really  day took the girls to get frappes from McDonalds and I wasn't even tempted to buy one yay! it was so easy to only order 3.
Later in the evening,  the children wanted ice cream and I again decided I didn't want any! I really didn't even have a desire or want for it.
These last few days I have been feeling stronger and stronger regarding my weight loss and willpower I am so determined to make this happen.
I was a hundred percent on track with my food, I believe I got 16 water and 75 minutes of exercise

Monday, September 2, 2013

New month new beginnings

Another month of up and down time to buckle down, in the month of August I manage to lose 4 pounds, but if I actually counted all the times I went up and down I probably lost 20 pounds I am so fed up with the yo yo diet EFFECTS.
I made really good choices yesterday and end of the day perfect in my ranges. yesterday was my day off so there was no exercise and besides we lost power till midnight so I really didn't have a desire to do anything by candlelight lol A+ day
I have a busy week going to focus and work really hard 159 is my goal by Hannah's birthday!!! I will be disciplined dedicated determined and I will do my best to reach that goal
171.2 weigh in