Thursday, October 31, 2013

75 Miles & 250,000 Steps for October Log

My goal is 75 miles & 250k Steps
  1.  1.56 miles &12,082 steps
  2.  7.24 miles & 19312 Steps                    
  3. 3.43 miles  & 13,781 steps               
  4.   0 logged miles 10,733 steps               
  5. 4.5 miles 8,935
  6. Driving to Orlando - 3.84 7,497 steps
  7. Orlando 9.78 miles 19,077 steps
  8. Orlando  8.67   16938 steps               
  9.  Orlando 7.54 miles  14707 steps
  10.  Orlando 7.60 miles 14827 steps
  11.  Orlando 8.15 miles 15901 steps
  12.  Orlando  4.46 miles    8695 steps 
  13. Driving to Ga- 2.72 miles 5296 steps    
  14. 3.29 miles 11,942  steps
  15.  4.03 miles 11757 steps                       (76.81 mile 191,480) GOAL MET FOR MILES!!! --New goal 125 miles
  16.  3.45 miles 14,654         
  17.  0 logged miles 6,830 steps (had BMF off for 6 hrs.)
  18. 3.49  miles - 10583
  19. 2.00 miles    -5697 
  20. 3.05 miles - 16,201
  21. 3 miles -  6000   steps
  22. 6.19 miles - 18,686
  23. 3 miles - 6298
  24. 4 miles- 10,544
  25. 3.3 miles - 10,948 
  26. 2 miles- 7001 steps 
  27. 2 miles - 7448 steps
  28. - 4.04 miles 13031 steps
  29. - 4.5 miles 18068 steps         120.83 miles 343,469 Steps
  30.  8.44 miles 22315
  31. 5.12 miles 21,173                                                                                                          134.39 miles  364,642 steps!!!

63 days till 1.1 10-30

What an amazing day again 1000% percent on track even did about 8.5 miles of walking.
got my water and everything is great

No complaints!! Really proud of myself!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

64 days till 1.1

I restarted my 90 day challenge on Monday, which will take me till 1/26 - The realization that my 36th birthday was less than 90 days away was quite a wake up call! I started my journey in 2010 and got to where I wanted to in less than 2 years,  then the separation/divorced happened and I stayed right where I was for weight (maintained). Then 2013 came around and I vowed, I'll finish this journey, I'll get on track and make it happen, well it's now the 29th of October and I weight exactly what I weighed at the beginning of the year... I can call it a plateau I can say my body just wont let go of anymore I can call it what I really want but the truth of the matter is, I haven't pushed myself as hard as I really could have to make it happen. I think we all go through those struggles on our journey, some last longer than others, but it's what you learn from it in the end that makes or breaks you.

Honestly, my eating has been all over the place, especially since May when I got a boyfriend, lots of eating out, traveling and unhealthy  choices,  my weight would go down 10lbs then back up and then down and up and so on.,. Now that the boyfriend is no more, it's really time I focus on finishing this journey and  making my goals and dreams happen. I do not want to enter 2014 the same size I was when I entered 2013, I am focused and ready to do this!!

Had an AWESOME day yesterday, went for a walk and decided to try jogging (something I hadn't done in prob 8 months) and realized very quickly just how fast you lose your cardio endurance if you don't use it regularly. I used to run NON STOP 6 miles and not even think about it, yesterday I had all I could do to run .25 of a mile!! That made me mad, mad that I had let myself go! WHAT? That's not me, and boy let me tell you, it lit a fire in me, I was in true BEAST MODE all day and even in the evening when I normally lose control I had complete control of my mind and didn't even think about binging or caving into my emotions.

I got this !

Sunday, October 20, 2013

73 days.. 10/19

Been a lazy day... I was on track for most of the day, then had some cookie dough last night.... 

Friday, October 18, 2013

74 days until 1.1.14 Oct 18th

I could make a million excuses why I don't want to work out today, I was up late couldn't sleep have a headache, stomach hurts but yet I have my shoes on and I"m going exercise. #noexcuses #beastmode #determined #roar -- Woo hoo update, went and walked outside for an hour!

I had the opportunity to go out to dinner tonight but they were going to Golden Corral, a place I lose all willpower and self control at so I opted not to go. Made a Banana cinnamon shake instead!!  I am so determined to stay on track!!
I'm worth it!!!

Starting my meal plan from my coach tomorrow and strength training she sent me. I will weigh & measure as well.

75 days til 1.1 (10/17)

I would have to say I had a great day yesterday, didn't get as much exercise as I wanted but overall I'm pleased with my day!!

40 mins exercise with client
35 mins elliptical
20 pushups
3 mins jumping rope.

I managed to stay in my calories ranges, had a bit of a lapse when I saw the cookie dough on my table, but with the help of my daughter Gracie I only ate 2 and then stopped!! (THANKS GIRL!!)
Went out to dinner, planned ahead & stayed within my ranges of 1200-1450 for the day!! WOO HOO!

 drink 14 glasses of water everyday ☺
 -track all of my food -stay in my ranges - 1200-1450 ☺
 -exercise 90 minutes 5 times a week - ☺
walk every single day at least one mile -
have at least 1000 calorie deficit ☺
 -drink two Vi shakes a day
 -check in with my coach ☺

myfitnesspal say : If every day were like today... You'd weigh 163.9 lbs in 5 weeks--

Thursday, October 17, 2013

76 days till 1.1

Yesterday 10-16 was a great day, I got a great walk in first, then later did a INTENSE beast mode workout
75 of each- 30# ball slams 25# kettlebell swings, 50# squat / overhead press, 20# each arm heavy pants, step up squats with 30# ball, jumping jacks & jumping rope and then I taught a 30 min online personal training session with Amanda
Made healthy food choices & drank my water and got my vitamins!! Awesome day!

my goals until 1.1.14 are:

-drink 14 glasses of water everyday 
-track all of my food
-stay in my ranges - 1200-1450
-exercise 90 minutes 5 times a week
-walk every single day at least one mile
-have at least 1000  calorie deficit
-drink two Vi shakes a day
-check in with my coach

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Goals until 1/1

I cannot believe we are less than 80 days away from 2014. This whole year has just slipped away, it's been interesting for sure, weight wise I've been about the same wait for the entire time.  I'm losing the same 10 pounds over & over & over.
No more games I am going to push through that 10 pounds, break through the barrier and finish this journey once and for all!!!!!! 

I actually hired an online coach to help me as well, I am always supporting other people and really have no support of my own so having her for the accountability will be great, it will be weird to be the one getting support instead of the one supporting. even the best of the best need someone to help them & coach them sometime. so I'm going to be a good student and listen.

Today is day 2 that I have been back on track from Disney, and I'm doing great, I trained my client then walk for 4 miles at the park

my goals until 1.1.14 are:

-drink 14 glasses of water everyday
-track all of my food
-stay in my ranges - 1200-1450
-exercise 90 minutes 5 times a week
-walk every single day at least one mile
-have at least 1000  calorie deficit
-drink to Vi shakes a day
-check in with my coach

Monday, October 14, 2013

Back from Disney

Back to being 100% accountable!! There's only 90 days till New years eve, I am going to work my tail off to get as far as I can down.. I've had a rough few months, and its time to get serious!!!!! I'm not happy with where I am, I'm pissed off that I've allowed myself to slack so much since May and I have decided it's time to STOP THIS and MAKE IT HAPPEN

I will NOT enter 2014 heavier than I entered 2013, I refuse!! I will do what it takes and make it happen!!!!!!

These photos piss me off, I hate how big I look Im not happy at all. UGH my jeans are tight, my shirt is tight... perfect example of why I need to get my ass back on track and get my act together and stop the games.. I'm tired of the up down stuff. I don't like looking like this, and it's time to fix it!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4th -Accountablility

I have no excuses, I let my emotions kick in and binged on candy after dinner... Didn't get any exercises for the day because I had been shopping and packing for vacation around 1.... Today will not be repeated again this month!!!!


Hannah painted my toes like Minnie Mouse's Dress with a bow !! I love them so much!! Can't wait to go to Disney!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3rd

It was a good day, I got a lot of walking in and stayed in my  calorie ranges, taught a great cardio class with the retirement facility!!

Felt myself slipping but caught myself and ended the day great~~

October 2nd

Was a great day, went to the park and did 2 miles, then met my friend for lunch, caught myself from eating super crappy, ordered smaller amount of tator tots and didn't eat the bun.. Decided to go walk after lunch and did another 3.96 miles, came home, then later trained a client and we also walked so  a total of 7.24 miles for the day!

Finished the day in my ranges
1335 Calories over on Sodium though, so I have to watch it today!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October already

oh my goodness where did September go? I cannot believe that October is already here! well I pretty much wasted the entire month of September so it's time to get back on track for October,

today was a good day for my food water and exercises I made some goals for October which include
drink 12 to 14 glasses of water everyday
log my food
stay within my 1200 to 1400 calorie range
take my morning vitamins and my evening vitamins
get 75 miles of walking or more in
Log 250 thousand steps or more on BodyMedia FIT
today was a great start

I had 1.56 miles that I logged on runkeeper and over 12,000 steps for the day which tells me I really got around 6 miles with all the walking and stuff I did here and there.