Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 27 of 90 PERFECT!

Super thrilled with my progress so far!!! This is a pic of me WAY back then (07) and the one I took yesterday!! Thrilled with my changes!!  I'd love to help you reach your goals too!! Check out my website I offer local and online training!

Took my measurements today for 
 Body By Vi 90 day Challenge
158.9 Pounds down  from 166 since 4/7
32 Inch Chest
28 Inch Waist
36.5 Inch Hip

Awesome day with my food water & Exercises
1451 calories 176 Carbs  39 Fat 107 Protein 1793 Sodium 46 Fiber!! 

Perfect day!!

I've also decided that 135 on me is going to look unhealthy and I'm not sure I'd be happy there, so I have changed my goal to 145. I'll re-evaluate once I get there but with my muscle I don't really know if it'd look good. 14 lbs to go!

Here's a photo of my biceps, I am not willing to lose muscle in order to be a certain weight!! Besides I'm so much more than a number, I'm proud of how healthy I've become and love what I'm changing into

Playing catch up 24,25,26

I was on track for those days, made healthy choices and ROCKED -- here's my recap from my Challenge timeline.

I made director today!!! WOO HOO!! And I got the kit for free!! So thrilled!! 24th day 

May 1st was a good day, I got lots of exercise in and did great with my calories. 
Ended the day at 1,469 calories 153 carbs 65 fat 74 protein 1,095 sodium 35 fiber!! WOO HOO!!! Doing good after a few days of crap!!!! (25th) 

Woo hoo!! Awesome day yesterday! On track and kicking butt!! Great exercise, lots of water awesome day of planning and making it happen!!!!
1,481 calories 183 carbs 52 fat 76 protein 703 sodium 41fiber

Rocking my challenge!! Super proud of myself!!!!

Here's some photos of me 

I got on the scale today 158.9 WOOO HOOOO!!! HECK YA!! So excited getting closer to my goal each day!!