Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 23.. not a lot better than day 22 actually worse...

 Started the day ROCKING! Woke up determined to set the world on fire, got a great cardio workout in, and then as the day progressed it all went to hell, I cannot even remember all the bad choices I made with food, candy here, candy there, trail mix here, nuts there, barley any water, stress stress stress!! Went to the Braves game with my friend and we had AMAZING seats, literally within arms reach of the Bull Pin for the Washington Nationals and outfield!!.. I was 3 seats from their pitcher!!! Very awesome! Too bad I'm not a fan of theirs or I would have been so begging for autographs!! (NOW if Rick Ankiel were still with them, that'd be another story I may have lept over the wall to kiss him LOL! I've got such a crush on him!! Giggle,.

Onward and forward to an AMAZING Tuesday

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 22-- Destructive

Started the day great,  then it all went to Hell, ate the 15 meatball/mashed potatoes at IKEA, then came home at like 3 ounces of cheese, then dinner (buffalo grilled chicken, baked potatoes, asparagus) then a bowl of ice cream and a 2 bowls of fruity pebbles... UGHHHHH

Turning it around and will do better

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday 4/27 was a great day -day 21

Had my cardio class in the morning, had to stop to get my tire fix (had a screw in it) and went for lunch with Grace, at an ITALIAN Restaurant I ate so healthy!! WOO HOO, so proud of myself, didn't touch the bread and therefore didn't kill my tummy!!

Later we went bike riding with the kids and we had a blast!!!

I was on track with my food and water!! Great day!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 20!

Last month I set a goal to be 158 by today

Got on the scale this morning : 158.8

Next goal 148 by 5/31 I WILL reach this goal!!! 

I am so proud of myself, I'm doing awesome and really working hard

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doing great! On track & Rocking 19

Was a great Thursday I trained a client, then went and climbed Stone Mountain. It was awesome, I had done it last summer and I got a bit winded then, but when  climbed yesterday I wasn't winded at all, and felt awesome!! I'm super sore from stepping up on the high rocks!! Talk about a serious legs &  glutes workout!! LOL I'm thrilled how far I've come with my cardio and strength, staying healthy has it's perks! I never would have even thought about CLIMBING a mountain when I was heavy, heck I hated climbing stairs!!  I wished I lived closer to Stone Mountain and I'd make that Mt a part of my weekly workouts (eventually running up it 1.20 miles )

Was on track with food 100% , water was low but I hit it before bed.. Friday my water goal is 15 cups!!

Myfitness pal says:  If every day were like today... You'd weigh 147.9 lbs in 5 weeks, That is so motivating to me to see the daily "if every" in the 140's! Just means I'm getting closer and closer to where I want to be! I used to get excited when I say "if every day 160, 158 " etc!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 18 was off the HOOK!!!

I killed it today for exercise over 4 hours, I burned 3126 calories by the end of the day! BEAST MODE AT ITS MAX.. Felt AWESOME!!! Super Proud of myself for killing it today!!! I'm 100% on track and working very hard towards my goals!! Need to up my water a little, I'm just getting the minimum and I know I'm needing more!!

My fitnesspal said If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 141.7 lbs in 5 weeks !!!! BAM

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another awesome Day!! Day 17

I had a great day, I went for a run for the Dandy Lion 10k and beat my best time!!!  I walked more than I wanted to but only for a short 30 seconds and then started moving again! Even with a phone call and stopping I am super proud of myself for doing it!!!!

 This was me before the Run!

After I did my run I came home and got on the scale and WOOO HOOOO 159.4 so thrilled!!!!

Later that evening I had a focus group with my daughter Grace so we drove to Atlanta and ate at the food court, I ordered Chicken, Black eyed Peas & Potatoes , I'm sure it was a lot of sodium but the best that I had to chose from. On the way home we got a Mini DQ Blizzard, ended the day a bit higher in calories than I would have liked so today I have to be 100% Spot on to ensure that the scale keeps moving!!! Yesterday I had a 983 calories deficit so I was only off a little from my 1,000 calorie deficit goal. Great thing for the run!!! LOL

I'm thrilled to see how the shakes are working ( BODY BY VI ) when I actually follow the plan and do the workouts!!!! I started the challenge 17 days ago and I'm down from 166.8 to 159.4!! HECK YA!!!!! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Feeling so great Day 16

This has been a great few days,  so on track and rocking. Super proud of myself!!! Beast mode
Today was an awesome day, went to the gym trained a client, was talking to my friend (who just happens to be a pro boxer) and he asked me for my business card for a couple of his friends!! OMG woo hoo!

That totally made my day, He's a supreme athlete and he wants to hook his friends up with me! OMG!! WOW! Talk about an ego boost for me!!! God is really good and I'm very thankful for even just the consideration

Made great choices all day, ate healthy no binging! Got on the scale it was 161.2 woo hoo!! YAY

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 15!!

Another AWESOME day, Went for a bike ride where Tyler learned how to ride his bike without training wheels and we got to ride together for the first time!! I was so awesome!! We all love riding bikes and now we'll be able to do more with those training wheels gone!!!

Healthy choices ended day at 1236 calories and the biking for exercise!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

AWESOME DAY 14 of 90

Saturday was AWESOME, I went to work and taught an amazing Cardio Class and then I went to LST in Atlanta where Nate, Brannon & Many other Ambassadors taught me so much!! I don't know why I don't' have my whole head in the game, but I will get there!! 90 days until vitality!!

Lots of walking but I made REALLY healthy choices and even ended right at 1200 calories for the day! BAM!! Kicking butt and the scale is moving!! WOO HOOO

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Doing well

I'm on track finally and doing well gotta keep it up

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Beast mode baby day 7

Killing it today. WOW! What a great day I totally killed it for exercise! I got 3 hours of hardcore working out in and I feel AMAZING!!

Went to dinner and made great healthy choices (minus the nibble of Fries from Tyler's plate and some ice cream later)

On track and kicking butt!!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Welll........ Day 6

Today was not a good day, I had a client in the morning, then came home and forced myself to do 60 minutes on the Elliptical (didn't want to but I did) and then I took a nap, I was really on track for the day until after supper and then all hell broke loose.

Went to the store with Miranda, Stopped and ate 1 medium PB cup Blizzard  then at Walmart I bought a king size Snicker PB and ate it in the parking lot,  then  came home and later ate 2 bowls of corn flakes & a banana

Just have to shake it off and start fresh tomorrow!! I will learn to control the sugar cravings!! I'm getting there!! One day at a time


On a positive This morning 162.2 I love the definition I'm getting, my baby abs are becoming more visible  and my biceps/arms are looking awesome!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Wow! Today was insane! I got 226 minutes of exercise!! I mean I totally KILLED it today!! Beast mode was defiantly on!
Very proud of myself

162.6 today

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another great day 4

Today was a good day, met a new client, then did a bit of shopping, then home. I'm super sore from yesterday so, No vigorous exercise today but we did go for a walk this evening. Will kill it tomorrow.
100% in ranges and all my water
down from165.8 Sunday, to 163.8 yesterday to 163.2 today

Monday, April 8, 2013

feeling better today Day 3

I'm feeling a little better today, went to the gym and had a great workout. 41 mins kickboxing and 30 mins elliptical, on track with food and water as well.
166.8 Saturday 4/6
165.8 yesterday 4/7
163.8 today 4/8
Finished the day in my ranges!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sick day, dang it Day 2

Dang it was super sick today and broke my exercise streak from 12/26 my tummy hurt, my head hurt,  I had a fever, was aching all over and moving was out of the question. Its going through the house now ughh.

I met my food calories yesterday

1225 calories
24 fat
899 sodium
187 carbs
31 fiber
Water was lower like 8 glasses today

165.8 on scale today

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New 90 day challenge Day 1

I am going to vitality July 19th  and I have set a a goal to be at goal weight by then. I'm determined to be successful.

Today 4/6 I restart one last time at 166.8. I'm fed up with the up's and downs. I haven't been consistent and it's time to change that!!!!
I hit 159 last month then I sabotaged myself and went all the way back to 172. I'm fixing this once and for all.
Two shakes daily
14 water
120 minutes exercise five days a week
1200 calorie deficit
Join me on challenge 

Today I did my first Color Run! It was awesome! I had so much fun!! Can't wait to do it again