Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 38, Go me!! So proud of myself!

Woah! What an awesome day! I'm so proud of myself! I've come so far in the last year on my journey, and today proves to be another milestone.

I was wanting to exercise outside but the rain has been here all week well, finally the rain let up enough that I said I cannot keep sitting inside, so I forced myself to go to the park, where I did my 5 min warm up, then jogged ALL of my 3.1 miles,(MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! 36 mins for the 5k portion)
then cooled down with more walking and some more jogging and even walking backwards on the track. All while it was drizzling outside! I have to admit I actually liked being outside in the drizzle, made the run kinda fun!

All in all 5.12 miles done today in 67 minutes! WOO HOOO

67 mins done today!

Got on the scale today and I feel like I've finally made it thru the little hump in the road, down nearly another pound since yesterday 192.9 pounds today. HOLY BUCKETS! REALLY! OM-GOSH! I haven't been this small since my 9 year old was a baby and I joined weight watchers to help lose the baby weight. I got to 189 and couldn't go any further and quit, so I am Quickly approaching my *NUMBER* and just like my 226 number that used to hold me back I fully intend to blow 189 out of the water, and soar far past it proving once and for all that I'm not controlled by numbers, that I'm stronger than any stupid number!!
Oh and when I do I will be less than I have EVER been in my entire adult life. Below 189, I honestly don't know, maybe when I was 17 when I met my husband (around 175 I guess when I met him) Nothing since becoming a mommy!

I'm so very proud of how far I have come, even just a little over a month ago, I really couldn't run, and if I tried it was at most maybe 3-4 mins before I had to stop, and now today I ran for 36 mins straight!! Holy buckets!! I'm growing in strength and in my mind of "willpower"..

Before I used to say "oh I can't do this" now I say "WATCH ME" .. it's amazing! I'm like a butterfly, emerging from my cocoon. Complete Metamorphosis occurring inside of me and it feels so amazing to finally find the person who's been desperate to escape for so long, I'm excited to see how I continue to change, both physically and mentally and welcome and embrace the new me with open arms!!!!

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow

Day 37 (a day late)

I got side tracked yesterday and forgot to post my blog for day 37...

Yesterday was a great day, I got my reward in the mail for loosing my 75lbs. I got me a new jacket, licence plate & tank top with the Dandy Lion on it and I just LOVE IT. But I realized yesterday, I ordered an XL and when I put my jacket on, it was a bit big on me and I told my husband, you know I should've got a large instead. I notified the company and they're going to let me exchange it!! But HOW amazing it is that, my new jacket is too BIG!!! OMGOSH!! Go me I can't believe how far I've came in a year!!!

(and just for fun, here's a 1 year ago comparison shot of me )

(and that was me 3 months into my journey!!)

Please tell me you see a difference?????

I took 2 days off from exercise to let my body "rest" and it seemed to work! The scale moved a bit more from Monday's weigh in. Woo hoo!! I'm glad because I felt like I was in a rut!!!

Things are going well. I'm just working hard to get out of the 90's and keep going on my journey!! Down from 271.2 to 192.8 woo hooo

Perfect in my food ranges again.
Now onto day 38.

Day 36 went fine

nothing to exciting to report for day 36.. I stayed in my calories but rested on the Exercise...

Ready for day 37

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 35, doing great & feeling fine

Woo hoo I'm so excited! Another great day.

We had church this morning, came home had lunch, then took a nap (YAY ME) then wen to the store and did some shopping, got some ingredients for a YUMMY and OH SO DELICIOUS Shrimp Stir Fry (Onions, Green peppers, carrots, Tomatoes, Mrs Dash seasonings, Shrimp and turkey brats cut up).. ohh me it was so yummy and so filling.

After dinner I went out to the gazebo and did the Biggest Loser Last chance workout for 66 mins. Woo hoo..

Just a great day!

I added up my MARCH EXERCISE and I'm at 1,741 minutes of exercise and 62.46 miles so I have already passed my March fitness goals this month! Very happy & proud of myself for that. (goal was 1400 mins and 60 miles)

Looking forward to weigh in day tomorrow.

I'm going to finish this month going out like a Lion, A Dandy Lion that is, and Dandy Lions always R.O.A.R (Refuse to quit, Overcome Obstacles, Account for my actions, Reach all of my goals)... Feels good that I've rocked this month!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 34 of the challenge!! Super Successful!

What a great day, earlier I posted a blog that sent me through the moon with happiness (see below) and then I went out and exercised and did AMAZING,
I did 46 minutes on the elliptical, half way thru I grabbed my 10lb kettle bell and did arm movements with the kettle bell while busting it out on the elliptical,
then I hopped over to the treadmill and grabbed the 15 pound kettle bell and did similar movements as seen on Biggest Loser where they make them hold the medicine ball above their heads and in front of them. Did that for 15 mins, the put the kettle bell down and jogged for the remaining 20 minutes.

81 mins of exercise for the day wooo hoo

Tonight we went to dinner at a place that serves tortilla chips & Salsa as an appetizer. She asked if we wanted them and I said yes you can bring them (everyone else loves them), but for the first time EVER I told myself, Krystie, every time you eat these these hurt you, they upset your tummy and and give you bowel problems, so even though you love them, it's not worth the pain later from eating them.
In my mind, that was all I needed, So I treated it like I was allergic to them, (which in a sense I must be because I have the SAME reaction every time I eat corn chips, & other bread type products).. and by doing that I didn't crave them,

I didn't give in and was able to have them a foot from my face without buckling. I am so very proud of myself. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I've never been able to resist!! Guess I'm still "learning" and growing on my journey.

Today I decided that when I reach 100 pounds gone I am going to book a vacation to Puerto Rico to visit my dear friend Carmen & her beautiful country. I'm excited about that. I'm only 23 pounds from the 100 so it wont be long before I get to book a vacation!!! WOO HOOO I'm going to set a goal of 23lbs gone by June, and that will give me something to work hard for.

My 4 year old can hug me all the way around!!!!!

Today has been the best day ever on my weight loss journey.

Today in the kitchen my 4 year old son comes up and gives me a big hug, when all of a sudden I realize OMGOSH, his hands are touching one another in the back WHAT?!! OMGOSH he can reach all the way around my waist to hug me!!!!!

I am so overwhelmed with joy from this victory. To be small enough finally in this child's life for him to give his mama a hug completely, omgosh just over joys my heart!!! I'm doing it and this is one victory I am beaming ear to ear from!!! Before, I've never had a full hug from him and let me tell you it feels amazing to be hug so tightly by your children!!!! WOW

On your journey be sure to celebrate those little victories, those are what's going to keep you going when you've had a rough couple of days!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 33 of my challenge! Woo hoo Go me!!!

Wow what an amazing, awesome, wonderful day!! I am so so so proud of myself

This morning I was feeling lazy but said "No no the game stops today, get up and go exercise, so I went to the park and I ran 3.1 miles in 36 minutes!! WOO HOOO OMGOSH I'm so so proud of myself!

I am getting faster each time I practice, on Tuesday when I ran I did 3.1 miles in 38.16 minutes so I shaved off 2 whole minutes again!! In just a month's time I've gone from not being able to run more than 2 minutes to running nearly all 36 mins!!

The best part, it's getting easier! When I first started this I was having a lot of trouble, I wasn't a "runner" actually I was really struggling with the 5k program and now it's getting easier and I'm getting faster, all because I haven't given up, I've kept pushing myself and trying, trying trying, and my hard work is paying off!

Then tonight after dinner I went for a bike ride. did 94 mins of biking and 10.05 miles !! Go me!!!!! Woo hoo

Been a fantastic day. I'm in all my ranges and I ROCKED the exercise today!! BOOYA!!!!

Feels great after the last couple "ehhh" days!!!!

Day 32 of my challenge

Let me just say, UGH, I dislike day's like this!!!

Had a yucky day yesterday food wise,, well yes I do, I had to go to take the kids to the dentist and we sat there for 4 hours and I missed Breakfast & Lunch, and by the time I got home I was STARVING, and made bad decisions from there till I went to bed I ended my day well over 2,000 calories and way to much fat! UGH..I know better but I did it and I'm owning it!

That's ok, today's a new day and I'm putting that behind me. I've got to stop gorging myself on days when I get off my "routine"

Today's a new day and I'm moving forward and will be successful

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 31 of my challenge

Today I was very busy and didn't get ot post much on the Dandy Lions, I was working on some "Kreations" that I wanted to get myself before my coupon expired so I did that all day. I'm getting me an Awesome Dandy Lions jacket (hoodie) with my name on the front with my beloved Dandy Lion and on the Back, same lion with the words "NEVER QUIT, NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS ROAR on it. I can't wait to get it, it'll be perfect for spring weather and I also got a Tank top & a licence plate for my car!!!!

Food wise, Ehh I could've done better at dinner, but I did ok. I will get better today and be more accountable

Ready for a great Day 32.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 30 of my challenge! Successful thus far

Wow, 30 days into the challenge! I feel awesome. It really couldn't have come at a  better time (Thank you Carmen for posting this), I was struggling with my journey, I was just treading water, not going any where, stuck if you will to get over that hump and when day 1 started, it lit a "Spark" in me and I'm so proud that I have ROCKED the first 30 days!!!

These were my 100 days goals that I posted when the challenge first started

Exercise 5 days a week for 90 mins each day ( I actually changed that to at least 3 times a week but doing something daily for at least 45 mins)

Drink 12 glasses of water each day
Stay within my ranges 98% of the time
Loose 10% of my body weight ( 20.1 lbs) (201 lbs  2.21.11)
Limit my sugars/sweets to a bare minimum

I'm proud to say in 30 days I have been 98% successful with my goals! In 30 days I have lost 6 pounds,  several inches, and I've started a running program (5k your way from Sparkpeople), where I am building up my speed, yesterday I was able to run almost all of 3.56 miles. I finished at a personal best with 12:30 mins per mile. When I first started it was taking me anywhere for 19 mins to complete a mile, then down to 15 mins per mile, now 12:30. I can't wait to see where I'm at by the end of 60 days!! WOO HOOO

It's been a great 30 days and I'm looking forward to the next 70  as well!!

It's not to late if you'd like to join our 100 days challenge heres the link

We have a daily check in on the board or you can just blog about how it's going so we can support you.

Also if you're looking for an amazing supportive awesome team, join my team the Dandy Lions  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 29 of my challenge

Ugh, what a day yesterday I am so glad it's DONE, first I spent half of the morning arguing with the Dentist that I used to go to about a bill that I paid that they cashed the check but "forgot" to credit my account, finally got that cleared, then had a spat with my husband, sometimes he forgets to think before he speaks and ends up saying things that hurt my feelings, so I had to explain to him all that, so by then it was 11 am and I was just drained. 

Took the 2nd van into the shop because it hadn't been running and I thought we'd be needing 2 vehicles again so I took it over there, walked back and like within an hour of dropping it off, I got an email telling me I didn't get the job that I was really hoping for so needless to say my day became even more icky. I'm at peace with not getting the job because I believe everything is His will, and apparently this job was not right for me. 

I did well though in the food, I only went over my calories by 130, not bad, and I would have been in perfect ranges had I not had some of the frosted mini wheats out of my husbands bowl. LOL. That's ok, 130 over is not the end of the world. As for exercise, I only got that short amount of walking from the repair shop to home in so today will be step it back up and get moving day for me. 

Have a good one everyone, Make it a great day! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 28 of my challenge

Just a short note, was a good day, today I rested and didn't do a lick of exercise! My legs thank me too!! 

Ready for a great new week tomorrow, and excited for weigh in tomorrow 

Night all 

Day 27 of my Challenge

Yesterday was a great day, we planned to go to six flags so I got up early and started preparing the snacks & drinks and such. Made a healthy salad for me to have for lunch (carrots, green peppers ,onions, mushroom, & tomato and fresh ground pepper!! yum!) instead of PB&J that the kids would be having while we're there (I bring my own food because 1, their food is not healthy & 2 it's so expensive and we just go out to the car and eat it and then go back in)

So we went and it was fun, it was really really crowded, Six Flags was good but the lines were so long and it was so busy we hardly got to ride anything.

 I went  over to Goliath to test in the seat they have out front and last year I could only get 1 click on the locking device but  yesterday I got at least 2 but I don't think more. But I'm not sure,   I remember them saying  I'd need 3 clicks so I'm not sure, the lines were like 2hrs plus long so I wasn't going to stand around waiting to have them "really" check. That's ok, I've moved up 1 from the last time I checked  so it wont be long and I'll be click click click and I'll be riding that roller coaster. Just gives me something to keep working!

I did do lots of walking, when everyone was in line for the rides, I just took off and did a bunch of purposeful walking all over the park, from one end to another making big circles, I tracked 7.5 miles of walking yesterday! WOO HOO My legs are sore this morning but not unbearable!

Thinking I'll make day 28 a rest day just to let my legs relax!

Another perfect day in my food /water ranges 15 glasses of water

1487 calories
252 carbs  ( over by 7 so not really counting it as a bad.. )
37  fat
 54 protein
31 fiber
1609 sodium

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 25 of my challenge

Yesterday was day 25! I am thrilled that I have stuck to this challenge and not said "forget it". If I may say so myself, I am ROCKING it, I'm very proud of my accomplishments and all that I've done in 25 days.

Ready to rock the next 75 as well.

This weekend 6 FLAGS OPENS!!! I'm so excited! Why you ask? Well when I started my weight loss journey there were 2 rides that I could not fit on due to my size, Superman & Goliath, (I remember the first time I went to ride Goliath, we waited in line for 2 hours, (me and Miranda) finally got to the loading dock and they couldn't buckle me in, I was crying she was crying, it was humiliating and I felt horrible that I couldn't ride with her, I told her to go on ahead and I stood and cried the whole time because reality had slapped me in the face, that's when I started to get serious about my weight for the first time ever)

well in the fall of last year I had lost enough weight that I got to ride Superman and I LOOOOOVED it, I felt so amazing getting in and having it click tight so I could ride. It was a HUGE accomplishment for me, so that left only Goliath that I couldn't get on because of how the seat is shaped, my legs were to big for it to click safely. The last time I tried was right before Halloween and I couldn't fit yet, so I'm going to try this weekend and see if 75lbs is enough!

This year I plan to conquer Goliath and fit in the seat ride that ride!! If I can't ride it this weekend I will for sure by the end of the season. I will not let that ride defeat me. That's my big goal right now is to FINALLY ride it.

Have a great Friday to everyone reading my blog!! Ohh by the way, I got on the scale today and I'm down a little more than a half of a pound, can't wait to see what "OFFICIAL" Monday weigh in is!! WOO HOO

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 24 of my 100 day Challenge

Today was an amazingly awesome day!! I decided to go to the park to practice my 5k running, so I jogged then walked and so on, when I was getting to the lap that would make 2+ miles, i told myself that I am going to speed things up, I am NOT going to baby jog and I hauled hiney! What usually takes my 4-5 mins around the track I did in 3 mins. According to runkeeper, I was averaging 8:31 mile.. HOLY BUCKETS!! I was flying!! I am so so very proud of myself I finally proved I can RUN and not just jog!! WOO HOO! Now to just keep practicing to build my endurance so I can run the whole 3 miles. Today I ran 2 out of the 3.83 miles

So I did 53 mins of walking/jogging/running and then came home and did 37 mins of elliptical and 10 mins tonight playing with the Cubbies at Awana. for 100 mins today

Tonight I upped my calories to the high end, just to switch things up for my metabolism but all still in my ranges so a PERFECT DAY in food again!! WOO HOO

Calories 1660
Carbs 238
Fat 44
Protein 91
Fiber 31
Sodium 1775

I put my Dandy Lion 75lb charm on my Italian Charm Bracelet so I have met March's goal .. That's all I wanted this month was to be able to add my charm and I DID IT!!! (The Dandy Lions team means so much to me that I had the custom made so I could always be reminded of the team on my journey) the next one I have is my 100 pound charm.. OMGOSH, I am only 25lbs from loosing 100!?!? That's amazing!! I'd like to get that charm by June!

Perfect day!! Looking forward to Day 25

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 23 of my Challenge

just a short blog tonight, today is a GREAT day, officially hit 75lbs gone on the scale, I had another perfect day 96 mins of exercise (66 mins with Bob Harpers Inside out Method Strength and 30 mins Wii Fit Free Step)
and perfect in my calories & food ranges... WOO HOOO

Calories 1609
Carbs 229
Fat 43
Protein 93
Fiber 41
Sodium 771
14 cups of water!! WOO HOOO

I'm so excited for my success!! Here's to another 75lbs gone and me being at goal weight!!

Ready for day 24

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 22/100 of my Challenge

It's been a great day, despite my son (4) being sick with the stomach virus.. (yuck) During the time he was resting, I went out to the gazebo and busted out my 5k training. 3.42 miles in 50 mins (14 min miles for the 3 miles then slower to cool down). I'm proud of those 50 minutes because usually I make excuses when the babies are sick, saying "I can't exercise because..."turns out I can and I'm thrilled!

Food ranges were perfect today. I just finished dinner, I'm 100% in my ranges set by Sparkpeople and don't intend to snack tonight so I thought I'd write my blog for today now in case I get wrapped up with TV later! (HOUSE IS ON!!! LOL) Also got lots of water in. I forgot to weigh today, so I'll do that tomorrow

"Here's a PERFECT 5 DAY" for me

FAT 52

Feels great to be starting week 4 on the pefect path!!! WOO HOO Looking forward to another awesome day tomorrow!

March Exercise Log

I've got a challenge going on with Tracy (taffin2000 ) for 1400 mins of exercise this month so I thought I'd log it here along with my miles as well (goal for that 60 miles of walking jogging running or biking) and edit daily.

If you'd like to join in the challenge please let me know so I can check in with you to see how your doing as well

1. 127 minutes 2.56 miles
2. 49 minutes 3.41 miles
3. 106 minutes 3.01 miles
4. Rest
5. Rest
6. Rest
7. 106 mins 2.71 miles
8.102 mins 0 miles
9. 47 mins 3.08
10 80 mins 3.18 miles

11 36 mins 0 miles
12 94 mins 6.73 miles
13 16 mins
14 50 mins 3.42 miles
15 96 mins 0 miles
16 90 mins 3.83 miles
17 66 mins 0 Miles
18 53 mins 0 miles
19 200 mins 7.5 miles
20 Rest

21. 11 mins 0.69 miles
22. 81 minutes * 3.71 miles 1406 minutes 43.82 miles
Minutes Goal MET!!! WOO HOOO

23. 20 mins 1.33 miles
24 20 mins 0 miles
25 148 mins 14.51 miles
26. 81 mins 2.8 miles 1675 mins 62.46 miles **MILES GOAL MET** WOO HOO
27 66 mins 0 miles 1741 miles 62.46 miles

Day 21 of my challenge

Yesterday was a great day, We had church in the morning, then in the afternoon we just hung out, it was my day off of doing hard exercising so I just chilled with the family and watched tv. Later we did play 16 mins of Wii Just Dance and that game makes me sweat so much!! I was more soaked in those 16 mins of Dancing than I am being on the Elliptical! LOL Great workout!

For Calories, I did good, I went over by 5 calories, so I'm not even stressing about that.

Can't believe we're already 3 weeks into this 100 day challenge! It's going quickly!!

Here's to a great day 22!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 20 of my challenge

Yesterday was a great day, in the morning, we went for a small walk with the kids on the bike, I was able to jog a little along side Tyler as he rode, but we were on a hilly road and he wasn't feeling very confident riding his bike up and down the hills, so we went back to the house, loaded up his bike in the car so him & daddy could drive, and me, Hannah & Grace, jumped on our bikes and we were going to ride over to the school so he could ride on flat ground, but I got about half way down the road and I had a flat tire. WHAT, this bike has only been rode twice since we bought it 3 weeks ago!! BOOO, so thankfully Greg came by, took that bike back and I proceeded to walk/jog while Hannah & Grace rode. I really enjoyed that!

Got to the school did a bunch more walking and jogging..

Finished the day with 3.96 miles of walking and 2.77 miles of bike riding for the day 94 mins.

In the evening we went to a Japanese Steakhouse for the first time ever. It was fun but I didn't like that I couldn't control what they put on the stuff, since it was served to everyone on our side of the table. I really would have preferred if they gave me the option to say NO SAUCE, plain only.

I opted for white rice instead of the fried rice, and WOW am I glad I did, they put about a cup of olive oil on the grill, then the rice then about 4 tbsp of butter and all this other gunk and every time he added something I was like OMG talk about horrible calories!! ICK ICK ICK.. I ate about 1.2 cup of the white rice and I was content with that! SO GLAD I didn't get the fried rice, after seeing how it's prepared I will NEVER eat that gunk again!!

Based on that I don't see how this could be healthy for me, because all those sauces are loaded with sodium and I prefer plan or maybe with ground pepper or something.. I don't see myself going back there because I need to be in charge of my journey. Not sharing the exact same meal with 8 other people who don't care about calories, fat and sodium. Again a fun experience but not beneficial to my journey.

Later we went to a friends house and I had a very large piece of Carrot cake that I really didn't need ... eesh I love Carrot Cake.

So I'm giving myself a 3 yesterday. I worked hard with the exercise but meal choices & cake were too much and threw me over my calories.

Ready for today.. day 21

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 19 of my challenge

It was a great day, I was busy "kreating" so I only got 36 mins on just dance in but
I'm ok with that. Food is good but sodium was high,

I changed my goals & weight toady and my calories went down, so now I've got to retrain myself to eat less again! It was weird entering my next goal this time, for so long it's always been in the 200's goal and today my goal is to be 180 by my wedding anniversary on May 16th. Felt weird to type that number it's so small compared to where I was. When I reach that goal I will be at over 90lbs gone!! I can't wait!!!

Ready to keep rocking this journey and this challenge!!!!


Day 18 of my Challenge

Yesterday was a great day! I was able to get 3.18 miles in most of jogging, I'm getting better but still have a long ways to go before I'll call myself a runner!! I stayed within my food calories and nutrients for an A+ day!!

Also, I've finally had a "break thru" if you will on my self esteem. I have always been so very very hard on myself, we are our own worst critique but I mean my self esteem was rock bottom, 14 months ago I hated myself, my body and everything about me because of my weight, but slowly but surly those are disappearing and I'm loving myself more, I'm starting to feel pretty and it's really changing my whole persona. What a difference from 14 months ago

On Sunday I had on this outfit that I could say I was totally ROCKING, lol I felt great, infact I felt "sexy" and I totally was beaming from head to toe with how good I felt! I got so many compliments that day at church regarding my weight loss and it made me feel soo good!!!!! I think it's the beginning of a whole new me that I really really like!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 17 of challenge +measurements & numbers update

Woo hoo I did it! I jogged for 35 mins total today!!!! I jogged for 15 mins straight and at the 15 min mark I walked for 1 minute then jogged again until I finished 35 total mins, then I finished off to get 3.08 miles done!!

Also took my measurements today!! WOW I've lost 47.5 total inches overall!! Amazing!!!!

Starting 56 inches around Today 41.5 inches around
-14.5 inches from my hips

Starting 41 inches around Today 31.5 inches around
9.5-inches from waist

Starting 32 inches around Today 24.5 inches around
-7.5 inches from my thighs

Starting 42 inches around Today 35 inches around
-7 inches gone from my chest

Starting 19 inches around Today 15 inches around
-4 inches gone from my calf

Starting 18 inches around Today 13 inches around
-5 inches gone from my Bicep

Also my BMI is down too!! YAY
Another number I celebrate is my BMI,
that's 13.48 off of my BMI!! That is excting to me because I'm taking my life back!!!! No longer Morbidly obese and I'm a mere 34lbs from being out of the Obese catagory all together!!


Food wise I did GREAT!! Low sodium, perfect calories!! WOO HOOO I'm feeling really good about myself and this journey!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 16 of my challenge

Day 16 is AWESOME!! I'm doing great, 100% in my calorie & nutrient ranges, perfect in sodium and I've rocked it with exercises today

I did
30 mins upper body training with Bob & Jillian
43 mins Wii Just Dance 2
20 mins Wii Cardio Workout Golds Gym
3 mins jumping rope
8 mins doing exercises during biggest loser tonight
104 total mins of exercise today!! WOO HOOO

Now I'm off to bed!! Here's to another great day tomorrow~~

Day 15 of my challenge

YAY! Happy to report it was a great day!! I practiced running and was able to go for 27 minutes out of the 35, then I hopped on the elliptical and did 35 mins of that. After that went to the store, did some running around and then came home.

We got a new Wii game called Just Dance 2, and wow let me tell you that is HARD but what a great workout! I was drenched in sweat in 2 songs! LOL I liked it but I'm defiantly gonna have to practice some more! LOL So another 20 mins of exercise with that.

I made low fat stuffed shells, (fat free cottage cheese, low fat ricotta, fat free parmesan and did pretty good eating just a couple. The meat sauce was morning star crumble and hunts regular sauce so my calories were not really what I was able to track because I didn't imput it all into a recipe (cause I don't know how) so I just had to guess on everything for the day.

I was falling asleep by 9pm so I went to bed. LOL Working out makes me sleepy!!!
Ready for another great day!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 14 of my Challenge

Oh boy, not a good day, not sure what got into me but I'm learning from it and moving on.
I started the morning with cinnamon toast, but then after church we went to Stevie B's pizza and I ate way to many slices and desserts, which then made me super sleepy and lazy and I didn't do much of anything after we got home. Supper was ok, had pot roast & baby carrots, but then later snacked on a bowl of frosted mini wheats..

Scale of 1-5 I'd give myself a 1 yesterday. Today my tummy hurts because I know I can't eat all those carbs because it gives me tummy aches but I did it anyway, so live and learn! I'm bound to make mistakes here and there but as long as I learn from it then it's all good.

Here's to a better week!!! Can't believe we're already 2 weeks into the challeng

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 13 of my challenge

Today I'm back on track and happy to report that I had a great day! I'm 100% in my calorie & nutrition ranges!!

Today I went and had a pedicure done to celebrate my entering Onederland. I got purple toees and then she put diamonds on the big toe! it's so pretty! I then went to Walmart and bought some toe rings to dress up my toes even more!!

No exercise today, my knee is feeling weird, not pain but like it needs to pop but it wont, and I really didn't want to risk injury so I decided to take another day off. I'm ok with not exercising, because I did Sun-Thur so that's still 5 days like my regular goal is.

Giving myself a 5 /5 today because I made great choices and was aware of everything that I did. Ready for day 14

New pics.

Got a couple new shirts.... Just sharing. I'm proud of how far I've come! From 3XL shirts to Mediums!! Woo hoo

And a look back to where I used to be

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 12 of my challenge

Yesterday was an ok day, I went over my calories and I didn't exercise (took a day of) so it wasn't that amazing but today is a new day and I plan to rock it!!!!

Not much to report, went to the movies with my DH, we saw the Adjustment Bureau it was good! I enjoyed it.

Ready for day 13!!!

Day 11 of my Challenge

What a wonderful day 11 I had.

First I got up took Tyler to school came back and did the Wii Golds Gym Cardio workout for 40 mins then I did 20 mins of Wii Fit free step then went out to the gazebo got on the treadmill and jogged jogged jogged and some walking. I did 46 mins on the treadmill. According to Sparkpeople I burned 900 calories yesterday!! woo hoo

In the afternoon when I went to get Ty, they were having a blood drive, so I wanted to do it, since I've never done it before (you know this is my year of firsts...) so I did the questioner etc and got to donate!! What an awesome feeling when your finished!!!!

I did great in the food department, however I went a tad bit over on my sodium but I drank 16 glasses of water yesterday so I should be fine.

Day 11... Success!!! WOO HOO

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 10 of my Challenge

Went to bed early last night so I didn't blog.

so excited that I've finished 10/90 days of the challenge, all successful!!

Yesterday was a great day I went walking around the neighborhood which is very hilly and busted out 3.41 miles in 49 mins, averaging 14:30 min miles. I was pleased with that considering how hilly it was, some of the hills are nearly a 45 degree angle whew!! Felt great.

Another *PERFECT* day in my food ranges as well! Woo hoo
Looking forward to weigh in on Monday to see how I'm doing!!!

Here's to another 90 more days of success!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 9 of my Challenge

Today was a decent day, I did good until dinner we went out to eat and I ate too many chips & salsa, I always do when we go there!! But no worries, I came home and did tons of exercises during Biggest Loser -- 127 mins of exercise for the day, Wooo hoo

Giving myself a 7 for the day because I should have stopped when I was full but kept going!

Here's to a better day 10

Day 8 of my challenge

Day 8 was great, I'm loving this challenge! It's keeping me accountable and I'm being successful.

Got 60 mins of exercise yesterday I did 30 mins on the Elliptical and 30 mins on the treadmill I was soaked from sweat when I finished!! Felts great!

Another perfect day in the eating. I had to force myself to have a snack after dinner because I was below my calories and it's a proven fact that if you under eat when you're exercising it can harm your journey and not let you loose so I had to eat a bowl of cereal to make sure I had enough calories. Gonna try hard to get all of my calories in during the day so I don't have to force myself to eat in the evenings.

Here's to a great day 9