Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo Shoot to celebrate 100 pounds gone!

Had a blast on my first photo shoot to celebrate my 100 pounds gone, after it was finished , I had my husband take my photos, and so I basically had a double shoot!! YAY I felt like a princess, I've never done a photo shoot before and to be doing it in celebration of my huge victory, was just magnificent!! Now keep in mind, that I have always been the one to hide BEHIND the camera, not ever letting photos of me be taken so this was a big step for me to pose and let loose.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed having them taken!!

24 to 12's

Good Bye Fat Pants!!

Dandy Lion Tattoo Photo... to reflect on the amazing support and encouragement that I received from my Sparkpeople team the Dandy Lions. Without them I would have never been as successful as I have been!! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Update on Dr Stuff...

I'm back from the Ultrasound, of course they didn't tell me anything, they said they'd let my doctor know and she'll call me. Sigh.. more waiting.

For those wondering, I went in for a right upper quadrant ultrasound ( liver/ pancreas /gallbladder (I don't have one) bile duct & Right Kidney) because my Dr called the other day letting me know that my liver enzymes were thru the roof (nearly 5xs normal range) and they wanted to check to see what's going on. She asked me if I drank, I said Rarely, she asked if I took a lot of Tylenol, I said no, I hate taking pills, so then she tells me she wants to do an ultrasound because my numbers are so very high.

She also said they ran a Hepatitis test and that came back negative, so that's good but I still had to have the US to see what else it might be.

I refuse to believe anything is wrong with me, I think they made a mistake in their testings, I am healthy, I am active, I have NO symptoms (jaundice, fatigue, etc ) so they have to be wrong.. Anyway I thought I'd share you with you all whats going on, and not leave anyone hanging, because you are like my family and you all care about me and I don't want to leave anyone guessing.

Continue praying that indeed the tests are wrong! I've experienced a medical miracle before with my breast tissue and I'm claiming it again in this situation.. (You know the kind, the dr's are baffled because they saw something, and then check it again and its gone!! ).. Ya that's what is going to happen when they call me with the test results of the ultra sound!


UPDATE : **UPDATE*** Dr called and said my liver is perfectly fine... All praises to Jesus!!!!!!! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

YAY! I did it I did it! 100 pounds GONE!!!

I did it!! Omgosh!! I started my journey January 1st 2010 and today I celebrate 100 pounds gone!!  I'm so proud of myself!! From 275 pounds, to today 175

Was is easy? My answer NO,  I busted my tail and earned every single pound that I lost!! It wasn't easy but I NEVER QUIT! I averaged 1.18 pounds lost each week of my journey and I'm so proud of that.

Did you take anything or do anything to aid in the weight loss.. Again my answer is no, all 100% me  with hard work, discipline and determination and the help of and all my spark buddies who've kept me going

Ive litterally shrunk 1/2 my starting size down from size 24 jeans to size 12 and from a 3X shirt to a Small (some mediums) (check out my blog Celebrating my non scale victories if you'd like to see all the inches gone

I'm a whole new person, my health has improved, I've gone from not being able to walk up my driveway without a break, to running 5ks and taking MMA classes. I no longer experience kidney pains when I lay down, I can run and play with my kids and mentally I feel AMAZING! Before I had horrible self esteem, was very depressed, and now I'm on top of the world and I love myself!!

I am proof that if you DO NOT EVER QUIT, you will be successful!! Remember it's not about how fast you get there, its just getting there that counts!
 No matter how long it takes!!!

If you're just starting out, or somewhere down the road on your journey I encourage to you just keep going, yes there will be hard days, yes you'll run into detours, yes you'll have bumps in the road but as long as you stay on the course you will reach your goals and you will be successful!!!!

 Join me as I finish this journey off and reach my final goal -- only 40 more pounds to go!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weight Loss Support & Motivation on Facebook

I've decided I want to pursue becoming a health & fitness coach /personal trainer so I've created my own facebook page to motivate and support others for free as a way to give back for all that Sparkpeople has done for me.

I would love it if you clicked like once you get to the page!

Feel free to ask me any questions or just browse thru my photos to see where I was before and where I am now.

Thanks (ps please share with your friends if you think they'd like my page too!)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Celebrating my non scale victories

Thought I'd celebrate a non scale victory with everyone.

I have lost a total of 47.25 inches overall on my body!!!!!!!!

Hips -starting 56in -now 39 in, 17 total inches gone so far
Waist- starting 41 in now 30 in 11 total inches gone so far
Thigh- starting 32 in now 23 in 9 total inches gone so far
Calf -Starting 19 in now 14.75 in 4.25 total inches gone so far
Bicep- Starting 18 in now 12in 6 total inches gone so far

I have lowered my BMI from 50.3 to 32.37 ( a difference of -27.07)

I have gone from 3X shirts to Medium and some Smalls
I have gone from a tight 24 to a comfortable 12-14 pant size

Just super thrilled!! YAY YAY YAY! Proud of myself and wanted to share

Monday, August 1, 2011

July Recap/ August Goals!

Wow, what a month! It was an month of up and down and up and down, I had a couple injuries (my knee and my shoulder) but through it all I was able to do 2269 minutes of exercise !!! Woo hoo my goal was 2000 mins so yay I did it! I also walked/jogged/biked 81.16 miles for the month!! YAY!!

I joined a challenge and was able to get under 180 for the first time since gosh knows when, I know at least 14-15 years since I've been in the 170's
Today I'm only 7 pounds from my 100 pound goal and I am looking forward to finally crossing over that line!! I CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!!

My goals for August

1. Read my Bible Daily
2. Drink at least 12 cups of water daily
3. Exercise 2,000 minutes (at least 45 mins each day!)
4. Get 100 miles logged by Walking /Running, Treadmill/ Elliptical or Bicycling
5. Lose 8 pounds
7. Log my food & stay within my ranges set by Sparkpeople
8. Go 3 times a week or more for classes
9. Encourage my accountability partner

Here's to a great month!!

End of Challenge (RECAP)

I got side tracked and didn't blog like I was supposed to , no sense in going back and typing all my meals from the last 4 days so I'll just recap..

Week 2 went pretty good, I got started off great then as the end approached I really bombed... sigh..

I did really good week one and just barely made the 450 points to get the pedicure!! Yay!! But I want to do a re-do of week 2 before I treat myself

I lost 10 pounds (of which I'm sure 7 was water weight but I'll take it!! WOO HOO) Very happy that I lost!! YAY