Friday, June 3, 2011

Me, Then and Now, 90 pounds gone

I hit 90 pounds gone today, so I made a collage of me from then *Please keep in mind that I had already LOST 20 pounds in the Orange Shirt before taking "starting"(photo from Feb 2010, started journey Jan 1st 2010) so I was even bigger than the photo show.

The blue shirt is from today 6.3.11

From 271.2 on my starting day till now 181.2 pounds

May Recap & June goals

For the month of May I did 1857 minutes of exercise and I got 87.86 miles for the month of May!! I fell short by just a little, and with me being out of town for a week that it totally understandable! I'm proud of my accomplishments just the same!!! Looking forward to another successful month! 

In the month of May I went from 194.3 to 184.5 so nearly 10 pounds in a month woo hoo!! 

For June my goals are 

1. Read my Bible Daily 
2. Drink at least 12 cups of water daily 
3. Exercise 2,000 minutes 
4. Get 100 miles logged by Walking /Running, Treadmill/ Elliptical or Bicycling 
5. Lose 10 pounds 
7. Log my food & stay within my ranges set by Sparkpeople 
8. Go 3 times a week or more for classes 

Woo hoo! Here's to a great month filled full of Great choices!!