Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Exercise & Miles Log

Goal 2000 minutes 100 miles 

1. 112 mins 12 miles 
2. 75 mins 5.6 miles 
3. 72 mins 4.13 miles 
4. 97 mins 0 miles 
5. 92 mins .93 miles 
6. 64 mins 2.82 miles 
7 Rest 
8 Rest 
9 120 mins 0 miles 
10 33 mins 2.30 miles 

Out of town .... 

16 75 mins 1.12 miles 
17 105 mins .25 miles 
18 rest 
19 rest 
20 20 mins 0 miles 
21 140 mins 15 miles 
22 120 mins 11.35 miles 
23 78 mins 1.65 miles 
24 50 mins .75 miles 
25 105 mins 1.9 miles 

26 67 mins .50 miles 
27 300 mins 7 miles 
28 67 mins 8.05 miles 
29 125 mins 9.16 miles 
30 off 
31 55 mins 3 miles 

1857 minutes and 87.86 miles for the month of May!! 


Let me back track, we love Six flags, we go regularly. Well 3.5 years ago I was ready to try the roller coaster called Goliath and so me and Miranda stood in line for 2 hours,  and me being oblivious to my size didn't really think I wouldn't  fit, well the longer I stood in line the more nervous I became that maybe  I couldn't and so when we finally got to the seats I got in and was WEDGED tight, the man said, try and adjust so I did and he still couldn't get it clicked, he said "I've only got 1 click, I need 3" well it wasn't happening so I got off the ride, and I was crying, Miranda was crying, and I was so embarrassed.  I told her to go on without me, it's ok. But for really the first time  I had my "SLAP in the FACE" about my size, no longer could I pretend I was "just fine". So I made it a personal goal that one day, I would ride that ride.

Fast forward to last year, I had been working really hard on my journey, so I decided to give it a try, nope still not there yet, so I told Miranda, I'm not giving up, I'm gonna keep trying, tried at the end of the season, still nope, I tried in March when they opened and it was 2 clicks ooh yay getting so close, so I've just kept going and working hard.

Well Yesterday, We went to Six Flags because a new ride ride Dare Devil Dive opened and I wanted to ride, I was a bit nervous waiting in line thinking omgosh what if I stand here like I did Goliath a few years ago and I can't fit, so when I go up there, and sat down I had room on both sides of the seat, I was like awww yay piece of cake! No problem! So then that got me thinking hmm if I can ride this I wonder if I can ride Goliath.

So I told the girls that I wanted to go up on the deck and see if I could actually do it yet (not just in the test seat outside the gate).I wasn't sure if I would or not and I told the attendant I just really want to see if I fit, I've been working so hard, but I don't know if I'm there yet,  I'm thrilled to report FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY after 3 years was able to fit into the seat and got to ride Goliath!! I sat down, the attendant pushed it shut then came back and pushed it one more time and woo hoo, I was locked in and we were going to ride!! At that moment I realized OMG I did did I did it! Talk about an amazing feeling

I was so happy I got off the ride crying!! It was so amazing and such an accomplishment for me to FINALLY be able to ride this ride, from the first day I was told I was too big to ride, that has always been my personal goal, that one day, I WILL Conquer Goliath! Well woo hoo I did it! I DID IT!!

I cannot express how excited I was yesterday!

Had to share with you, This has been my year of firsts and I defiantly have to say this tops the list thus far!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 92 & 93

Things are going well, I've finally lost the weight that I gained when we had to go up to Michigan, I was in a hard predicament, we ate out 3 times a day and all though I tried to make good choices, even the healthy stuff was loaded with sodium, so I gained. Happy to report that is GONE GONE GONE now, and I'm back on the "loosing track" 

As of yesterday morning I am 185.2 pounds, for a total of 86 pounds gone since starting my journey 

I've been killing it at class, lots and lots of cardio and sweating going on!! I love it! 

On the PBS Tv side, they called the other day to let me know that due to their scheduling conflicts that they are pushing the weight loss program tapings back until July. Which is fine by me, it will give me more time to lose weight before I go on Camera. I've got a month until Disney so I am really really really going to work hard to get as much off as I can before we go! 

Here's to a great day!!! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 90/91 Feeling and back on track

Saturday was great day, went for a bike ride with the family, just over 2 hours and 15 total miles!! great & so much fun! 

Sunday was filled with excitement from PBS television calling to interview me and setting up for this Saturday that I will go into the studio to be filmed. 

I did 20 mins on the treadmill (jogging) and 15 mins on the elliptical, then after dinner Greg and I went for a 10 mile bike ride! 120 mins total for Sunday!!! 

Ready for another great day today! I have class this morning and I'm so looking forward to it! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I think I remember telling you all that about 3 weeks ago Sparkpeople contacted me in regards to PBS doing a segment on people in Georgia who've lost weight, and asked me if I was interested so I submitted my information, well they called the other day to let me know they'd like to do a phone interview, so I agreed and she called today!!!! 

We had great phone interview, She asked me about my journey, we chit chatted a bit, just a nice friendly conversation!!!! She said she liked me and wants to film me... 

I will be going this coming Saturday to film and then out of the blue she said if that goes well, they'd like to follow me around for a day, come to my house see me posting on, (and the boards!! ) , then follow me to the gym and film me boxing and working out etc. WOW WOW WOW!!! 

Basically make me a whole segment! Oh my goodness I'm freaking out.. woah this is so overwhelming but so exciting!! 

Had to share with you all!!!!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 84-89 Restarting ME again

Gah! I'm so lost I don't even know what number of the challenge we're on. 

Exercise wise I've been doing great but I have really been struggling with my food choices, so like I've done many times before, I'm restarting ME again. Taking baby steps to ensure that I am successful and don't fall off track... 

That's the best thing about a journey, is no matter how many times I need to restart it's ok as long as I keep going. 

Here I go again on my journey.... I CAN DO THIS 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 77-83 & new Photo

Wow, it's been a bit since I've blogged, On Sunday we got news that Greg's Grandma wasn't doing well so we started driving to Michigan, well on the way she ended up passing. We got to Michigan on Monday morning and just got home yesterday morning. 

Even though we went for a funeral it was an amazing visit. We got to re-connect with the the family. There's been so much time and distance between all of us, that this week together was really a blessing. 

I ate so so, but I did exercise every day. On Tuesday morning I even got up and went for a run while the rest of my family was sleeping. 

This photo was taken while I was up there, and it blew me away. I never realized how I really look, sure I've lost 85 pounds but in my mind I still see a "BIG/VERY LARGE" woman, and when I saw this photo I nearly fell over. I put my "BEFORE" with it to compare and thought I'd share with you 

So now we're home and I'm ready to keep going on my journey!!! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playing Catch up 74,75,76

Last night there was a MMA Fight and my trainer was in it, so we decided to go and it was so much fun! There was 10 matches and 8/10 had someone from my gym that I go to (Independent MMA) in the match.
Of those 8 we won 6 of the fights. WOO HOO!

My trainer rocked his match, he did so awesome, he won by judge decision!!! Just a super awesome exciting night!! On Friday when I was training my trainer said "We train WINNERS" at this place nothing else!! Push yourself! GO GO GO....
He was sure right! I'm so proud and thrilled to be a part of this amazing group of "athletes" (me an athlete! woah!)

There was even a FEMALE fight, (which by the way was amazing and I totally could see myself doing that in a year or so with training!)

Who would've thought I'd be having thoughts of going into a cage match! LOL The girl from my gym was there (the one that I wrestled with and got the bruises) and we both were just like Oh my gosh I that is so awesome, I want to do that! She said the next time she's coming to a match shes going to be in it! I though that was awesome! She's super strong and would rock it too!!
I told my husband I could totally see myself doing that and he said "I DONT THINK SO!" lo giggle I love my protective husband, but with training I totally would do it!! (this statement blows me away -- I really have come so far on my journey!!)

It's been an amazing week and I'm thrilled. The scale is moving, I'm feeling great! Looking forward to another awesome week on my journey

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 72 Was Great


Had an INTENSE workout today at the gym

today we did 45 seconds of each (twice)
50 pound over head shoulder presses
Bear Crawls across the mat
Deep seat squats with 50 pound dumb-bell
60 pound bar doing squats
25 pound medicine ball triceps extensions
Running up and down the stairs

then we did 5 mins non stop of
Jump Squats, running in place, push ups, mountain climbing

Then class ended so I decided to do more
15 mins on treadmill (jogging)
Then 30 mins on Elliptical
5 mins stretching afterwards

Another great day! It was hard but I managed to NOT get on the scale the entire day!! woo hoo! I cannot believe how addicted I am to that thing! LOL

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 71! Woo hooo

Today was good, I went to the gym and did 25 mins on elliptical, 35 mins on treadmill (ran at 5mph for 14 minutes woo hoo!) then went and did squats, lunges bicep, tricep & shoulder work with the dumbbells.

Tonight Miranda & I did day 2 of the Spring into Shape challenge! It was fun!!

Also when I first joined Independent MMA, I had a gain and was at 195.6 (4-18) and as of today I am 190.8 which with the up and down with my swelling/sodium etc is finally back on the way down. YAY! I'm almost back to 188 where I was when I bloated from all the whatevers!

I also took my measurements when I started there and have lost 1 inch from my waist and 1 inch from my hips in 2 weeks WOO HOO!!!

I've also grounded myself from the scale, I am so obsessed with it, weighing every time I go to the bathroom so I weighted this morning and put the scale in the closet until next week! I CAN DO THIS!! No weighing for 1 week!! Wish me luck!

May Measurements

Today I took my measurements. Overall I have lost 52 total inches from my body!!!
16 alone from my hips!! Incredible!! woo hoo I feel great and am so proud of these numbers!!!

Starting 56 inches around
Today 40 inches around
-16 inches from my hips

Starting 41 inches around
Today 31.0 inches around
10-inches from waist

Starting 32 inches around
Today 23.5 inches around
-8.5 inches from my thighs

Starting 42 inches around
Today 34 inches around
-8 inches gone from my chest

Starting 19 inches around
Today 15 inches around
-4 inches gone from my calf

Starting 18 inches around
Today 12.5 inches around
-5.5 inches gone from my Bicep


BMI is also down!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 70 & April Recall/May Goals

'm thrilled, I have beat my personal best "goals" in WOO HOOO!! I exercised 2114 minutes and walked, jogged, ran or biked 104.79 miles for April!!!!

Day 70 has been good, we had an amazing church service, then a spaghetti lunch afterwards, I opted to NOT have the yummy delicious spaghetti and just had a salad. Came home then we all went for a bike ride!! We did 12 miles today in about an hour and a half.

My May Goals

A. Before all -- Daily Bible reading when I wake up. God is #1 in my life and spending 30 mins or more in the morning is my priority.

1. Stay 100% on track of the spring challenge (doing my videos everyday!) (I will also be finishing my 100 day challenge this month as well!)

2. Drink all of my water EVERYDAY

3. Stay in my calorie ranges & sodium ranges

4. Walk/run/jog or bike at least 100 miles

5. Reach 2000 fitness minutes for the month

6. Lose 10 pounds for the May Challenge

7. Go to my classes at least 4 times a week

Ready for a great month!!! I challenge you all to join the spring challenge from Sparkpeople! Lets make May an awesome month!