Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 67, 68 & 69

Hmm Thursday... Don't remember... lol!! Went to the park and did my walk/jog was still sore from the workout the day before so that's all I did.

Friday I ended up wasting the whole stinking day!! First I took the old van over for emissions and the stupid thing fails.... so then I take the van to Ford to have a recall taken care of so it doesn't blow up (yikes).. then took it to the car wash, and went thru and the first time it didn't get clean, so I vacuumed it out and had to go thru again, by then it's nearly 12:30, I've missed my morning class, missed lunch and I'm starving.

Go and get gas in the van and head towards the mechanics to drop of the van, walked home, (only bout .75 mile from home)..

Literally wasted the whole day. Evening was spent watching the Royal wedding

I am bit peeved because I got on the scale and somehow I'm up 6 flipping pounds.. I know it's that time of the month, but 6 pounds REALLY!! Ugh, I've been working out so intensely and being 100% in my ranges for food, this just doesn't make a lick of sense. Maybe it's just the swollen muscles along with TOM but ughhhhh I don't like this, this will not get me to my 100 pounds gone if I keep going up

I asked my trainer today and he said it could be the muscles swelling and retaining fluids because their not used the work I've been doing, he said that I may go up before I have a big amount drop while my muscles adjust and my body adjusts to this new lifestyle.. He said to ignore the scale for right now and focus only on how the clothes feel (sound familiar?!?! LOL)
It doesn't thrill me at all to have a gain but I'll keep going

I'm sure the swelling and this week my period showed up it's a combo of the two, but it's still frustrating.

Day 69.. Went to class did all boxing (my arms arm tired), then went outside weed wacked and then went out to dinner whee I did good until desserts hit the table! LOL Butter pecan ice cream & angel food cake.. yum!!!!

Ready for a great day 70 tomorrow!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 65.. Class was BRUTAL

Oh my gosh, yesterday's class was insane! I was wrestling on the mat "practicing" submissions & pinning, WOW that was fun and scary all at the same time. When he first said we were going be practicing that I was scared, because I've never done that before , part of me wanted to leave but I stayed anyway. My partner is all of 120 pounds but man she's a little warrior!!! She kept taking me down, bam, bam, bam!! I can't count how many times I got thrown to the mat! LOL

Then our trainer had us do an intense arm workout with weights,
75 bench press with 40lb bar)
75 Dumb Bell presses with 8lbs on each hand

and "just for fun " as the trainer put it, he followed all that up by me having my legs lifted while I walk with my arms (holding 5lb) weights... (like wheelbarrow )

It was BRUTAL, today I am bruised from head to toe and in a bit of pain from the "wrestling" for 15 minutes (3 5 min rounds) that we did, it litterally was a "match" wow! I must say for my first time that I did pretty good! I'm sore but am I quitting? No way, as a matter of fact I'm going back this morning for more!!

I will not let a bunch of bruises keep me from reaching my goals!!! I've counted over 30 bruises from my toes to my neck! LOL. My kids are freaked out cause mommy is black n blue but their just bruises, they'll heal.

(these were taken yesterday evening but you can see the bruises already, today their just more purple)

And this afternoon

See all the little bruises on the front

Monday, April 25, 2011

2 Months till Disney!!

Woo hoo I'm so excited to be going to Disney in 2 months!! Time to get my hind end moving and get working towards reaching 100lbs gone by then! I KNOW I CAN DO IT!

Last year when we went to Disney (April 1st 2010) I weighed 238 pounds! How exciting to get to go this year and be way down in ONEderland with 100 pounds gone!! Woo hoo I can do this!!

Here's me from last year after loosing 33.1 pounds for my 1st goal on my weight loss journey

And just for a reminder for myself, from the year before that (Feb 2009) of just how far I have come on this journey (aprox weight 255-260? or more not sure)

Only about 17 pounds until I reach 100 total gone, that's about 2 pounds a week! Totally do-able when I put my mind to it!! How exciting it will be to travel to my fav vacation spot so much healthier this year!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 61 of 100 Woah!!!

Yesterday's Class was All leg work 25 Squat/overhead presses with weight bar, 25 squats holding medicine ball, then lunge from one end of the mat and back holding ball, repeating each time, and taking 5 off each round so 25, 20, 15,10, 5 of all that!)Then I jogged on the treadmill for 10 mins. 
OMGOSH my legs are like jello & on F-I-R-E. 

So when I add all that up 

thats 75 squats presses with the 45lb bar 
75 squats holding ball 
and about 200 lunges! (give or take) 

No wonder my legs are on fire today!! WOW BURN BABY BURN!! 

I'm taking today and tomorrow off from any exercises to let my body rest and the muscles heal. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 60, Amazing again

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today was a great day, I had Boxing class tonight and it was great, I got there and did 20 mins on the elliptical at "75 rpm", he and I were chatting and I told him (my trainer) that he does NOT have to be easy to me, that I want him to push me, so he said "ok step it up to 75 and keep it there", well I was being a show of and a couple times got it to 80, 82! LOL So anyway, did that then he had me go over to the bags and jog in place and punch the bag at the same time for 3 mins, take a 30 second break, do 3 minutes of lunges, take a 30 second break, 3 minutes jump squats, break & repeat, (and so on )

Then he told me I was going in the ring! UMM EXCUSE ME? WHAT? I don't have a clue what to do in the ring, I'm still learning I said, and he said, "just do what you've learned so far, I want to see how your doing," Omgosh it was awesome, I really liked it, granted I have a lot to learn but WOW it was amazing, and a couple times he'd tell me "great", thats right, etc.. so we went 3 minutes, and then I went out of the ring did Ab work, and he had me go back in again later for another 3 minutes.. wowie!

After our class ended, I hopped on the treadmill and jogged for 15 minutes and cooled down for 5.

Awesome day! I'm 100% in my ranges for food & water. With all the exercise I've been getting I've had to up my calories to match so I don't send my body into rebellion, which is hard but I managed to get it all in!!

WOO HOOO!!! emoticon

Thursday, April 21, 2011


OMGOSH! Today was intense for the class!!! 

I got there, and got on the treadmill, walked 10, jogged 10 then went over to the mats where we were going to start. He started us off with 3 mins jumping rope, 3 mins shadow boxing (repeating the pattern 3 times), then we did 25 jumping jacks, then got our gloves on and partnered up (I met a really nice girl, (we were the only girls) and she was so kind and understanding to my "NEWBIE-NESS" I kept apologizing for getting to close when we were practicing hitting, I was terrified I was going to hit her face! Guess that's something I've got to get over if I'm going to learn to box. The instructor was very patient with me as I learned the "lingo" and the stance, and we practiced, swatting and punching, & guarding today, we "boxed" for an entire hour" He showed me proper stance and encouraged me when I would get it right. I loved that!! 

After that he had us line up on the mat at and went down the line and we all had to do 25 of the following---Jumping jacks, jump squats, mountain climbers, sprawls, (OMG SO HARD), crunches, plank -hold for 25 secs, not sure what its called but in t-stand hop legs from side to side - only using arms to hold you while jumping, and jump -squat & sprawl, and the rule was if someone messed up we had to start over, so we got 6 done and some guy stopped, so he started us over, did 2 more, again mess up, put us all in a circle as a team and did them slowly so we ended up doing closer to 50! UGHHH Those SUCKED!!! Pretty proud of myself, one guy actually gave up on them, and just wouldnt' do anymore, proud to say I wasnt a quitter! 

Finished off with a good stretch! I cannot believe how intense this class was today!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!! But I never quit and I never gave up, I finished every single move! I'm exhausted, been up since 3:30 am and still did all that, when I get Tyler I'm gonna go lay down for a nap!!! 

I cannot wait to see the results from all these hardcore workouts I've just started doing! Weigh in is Friday emoticon

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 58 another awesome day

I got up in the morning, had my Bible time, while Tyler is getting ready for school, finish that go and take him to school, and my friend calls and wanted to know if I wanted to go walking, she must have read my mind, I already had my exercise clothes on and had every intention of going once I dropped him off. 

So we met and walked, I ended up doing 3 miles at a fast comfortable pace (only jogged a tiny bit) 

Came home, did my Sparking around. family time and such then later that night was Boxing class again, I decided to try the more "intense" workout from another trainer and WOAH baby was it hardcore. It was intense but manageable and I never quit. My coach asked how I liked it and if it was too hard, I said, it wasn't hard where I couldn't do it but it defiantly was a challenge and I'll be doing it again! I asked him how I was doing and he said "Better than most of these people who've been coming a while" .. lol yay me 

Class was an hour long... Heres what we did. First I warmed up on the Elliptical for 15 minutes, then he took us outside and had us run 15 laps around the parking lot, then we did 4 suicides (run to the first line, run back, run to the second line run back run to the third line back = 1 ), then we had to do 50 jumping jacks and then we went back inside and spent 10 mins working on our abs (crunches, bicycles, supermans, planks etc ) (OUCHIE!!), then 100 lunges, then we went over and did punching on the bag for a while, more jumping jacks and squats, and finished with weight lifting (each arm 25 bicep curls, 25 over head press, 25 kickbacks, 25 triceps extensions) 

Talk about a total body workout!! Whew!! It was great!! Defiantly what I needed. I will also be most defiantly doing it again!!! 

Total 120 mins of exercise & 5 miles done for the day! I stayed in my ranges but went over my fat by 3, so technically I say perfect day! 

Another successful day done ready for 59 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 57 Rocked

My evening was AWESOME!! 

Went to the Boxing Fit class, at first I was like ummm ok, I had no clue what was going on and no one really told me anything, then then the trainers tells me to warm up on the treadmill for 20 mins, so I did that and then it was time to get to work. (There is no coddling there, you're there to work and thats that.. At first I was like WTHECK, but then I was like ok makes sense!! ) 
He had me put on boxing gloves, and go over to the bags. and for 3 mins we just punched punched punched, then we'd take a 30 second break and then do another move, he had us doing lunges, jump squats, jumping jacks, more punching, then we got to practice mitt work with him and punch for as fast as we could for 1 minute straight. That was awesome.. Then we finished with Ab work (boo). It was great! I really loved it and before I left signed up for 6 months of classes. 

I can take as many as I want per week (there are more than 4 a week that I know of) and I have full access to the trainers, the gym and all the classes I want! I'm thrilled about it! I've always been "AGAINST" a gym and determined to do it on my own, well I've hit a wall on my own and now it's time to step it up to the next level by getting that extra push. And technically it is a gym, but it's more boxing and fitness one on one than a regular just show up, meat market type gym. 

Wooo hoo!! I'm so excited 

Then I came home and cooked dinner, and then me and my husband went for an hour bike ride together (10 miles) to finish the evening off on a great note~ 

120 mins total of exercise for the day. 100% in my food ranges A+ day 

Ready for another awesome day today

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 54, 55 & 56 Recap

Friday -- Day of to rest before the 5k --didn't do much. 

Saturday 5k Race (see previous blog if you want to read about how it went) 

Sunday 11.6 bike ride with the family, got a bug in my eye, today my eye hurts really bad -- owie 

Best news for today day 57 
Omgosh I'm going to start taking BOXING, ever since getting my wii Golds gym cardio work out game I've been wanting to learn "REAL" boxing, and I've found a place not far from my home that offers classes and one one training with Pro-Boxers! OMGOSH I'm just so excited!!! My first class is tonight!!!!!!!!! 

emoticon emoticon emoticon 

I cannot it believe ME? Krystie WHAT?!? OMGOSH is turning into some sort of athlete, running, biking, boxing? Holy buckets who is this woman? A year + ago exercise was like a dirty word, don't mention it to me and don't expect me to do it! Now I'm constantly finding new things to try!! WOW! I don't know who this is but I SURE LOVE IT!! 

So excited. Will update later about how the class goes!!!! 
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My 5k -Run for the Bun woo hoo I did it

Yesterday was the big day, the day I've been waiting for all year and have been training for since February. 

Before the big race was the itty bitty bun run , where I believe it was about a half mile (maybe a quarter mile) that the little ones ran, well Tyler (age 4) wanted to do that one so I jogged with him and the rest of the kids, cheering him on the whole time, and we finished the race together! It was so awesome, he wanted to stop because he was so tired but I kept cheering him on and telling him go go go we can do this Tyler, a couple times we even held hands while running. 
He finished his race in 3:39. I'm so proud of him for being the youngest one and he finished!! 

My daughter Grace (age 9) finished first for the girls in the itty bitty bun run. I was so proud of her. She finished first there and then did the 5k in 41:05 (Grace, Greg & Tyler crossed together) 

Then we walked across the street for my big race, I lined up with my family just to start and when they said READY SET GO, I said Ok guys love you, and I took off at a comfortable jog, I learned from last year full sprinting at the start line doesn't work and empties all my energy, so anyway I jogged well past the first mile marker, about 1.5 miles walked for 30 seconds and jogged again some more, there were a couple times I took 30 second "breaks" just to get my breath again and the I'd pick back up the jogging. Just kept telling myself I can do this, I can do this, then we rounded the corner and I knew I was almost done maybe 3/4 of a mile left and I got excited, and started pushing myself a bit more, when I rounded the next corner I could see the clock in the distance and that really encouraged me because it was in the 35 min range, so I full sprinted to the finish line because I wanted to be 36 mins or less, that had been my goal for a year. I crossed the finish line in 35:54 . I beat my last year time by 10 mins!!! WOO HOOO I DID IT, WOO HOOO I DID IT!!! 

emoticon emoticon emoticon 

After I crossed the finish line I walked back and found my family, Greg, Grace & Tyler we're nearly done so I told them GO GO GO, so I kept walking finally found Miranda & Hannah as they had fallen behind and finished the race with them too, pushing them and encouraging them to finish.. They finished in 46:37 

Just a comparison photo, this was me last year at the same 5k (Me 2nd person on left) 
Time 45:39 (really pushing myself hard to finish in that time) 

Yesterday - 
35:54 mins! 

I have come so far on this journey, not just in the weight loss department but in the mental & physical areas as well --to go from not being able to walk up my driveway without feeling like I was dying to walking a 5k and now running a 5k, WOW! I'm just so proud of myself 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Join my Team.. The Dandy Lions

Hi! I would love to invite you to join us on the Dandy Lions Sparkteam. It's a great team and I know you'll love it! Lots of support, friendship & encouragement on a Daily basis. I can honestly say it's the best team on SparkPeople

Stop by!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 53 Part 2

today has been a FABULOUS day, I got up this morning, read my Bible, took Tyler to school, then went to the park and did my 5 mins warm up, then I jogged 3.3 miles in 37 mins, and cooled down with another 5 min walk 4 miles done today!! woo hoo

Went and got my 5k race packet for Saturday, I'm so excited, as mentioned before I will be representing my weight loss team at the 5k, with my family and we all will be in our Dandy Lion shirts (even little Tyler!! ) I'm so excited, I've been wanting this for a whole year and it's nearly here.. just excited to finally prove to myself that I can run a 5k! I've been trying and practicing and will do my best

I've made good choices with my food today and am in all my ranges! YAY!

Tonight I went for a 14 mile bike ride with my husband for 75 mins, just riding around talking and spending time together without spending any money!! Woo hoo!! I can't believe how much I love riding bikes!!! I know I did when I was a kid, guess that never goes away. It's fun exercise! What could be better.

Tomorrow is gonna be an exercise rest day just so I'm not sore for race day.

Have an amazing night.. I'll see you all tomorrow

Day 51, 52, 53 (playing catch up)

Tuesday--Good day, I went walking and did 42 mins of exercise and was on track but then evening came and well, I was pressured into going somewhere I really didn't want to go in the first place because I couldn't just say NO, and was miserable the entire time, my emotions took over and I felt about 2 inches high, long story short, came home made REALLY bad food choices and binged really hard, not a good night... Made me question how far I had really come on my journey, thanks to my awesome friends at the Dandy Lions I was able to snap out of it pretty quick

Wednesday I didn't feel well all day (because of the binge the night before I'm sure) so nothing much to talk about I just laid around. Took it easy

Thursday. today a NEW day, I got up this morning, read my Bible, took Tyler to school, then went to the park and did my 5 mins warm up, then I jogged 3.3 miles in 37 mins, and cooled down with another 5 min walk 4 miles done today!! woo hoo

Went and got my 5k race packet for Saturday, I'm so excited, as mentioned before I will be representing my weight loss team at the 5k, with my family and we all will be in our Dandy Lion shirts (even little Tyler!! ) I'm so excited, I've been wanting this for a whole year and it's nearly here.. just excited to finally prove to myself that I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's to a great rest of the day.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

DAy 50! 1/2 way thru challenge

What a GREAT day!

today I met my friend at the park , and we walked and chatted, nothing too "physical" for walking, but I did run one lap just because :D did 3 miles today and then came home and did 20 minutes of Just Dance 2 for the wii.

Then I came home & booked a family vacation to Disney for my son's 5th birthday on June 26th. (we'll get to Fl on 6.25 so he can wake up and go to the parks for his day, we'll be there 7 days!) I am so excited, We're going to try and keep it a secret from the kids to surprise them! I'm excited because we'll be getting to meet up with Greg's sister and her husband as well down there. We haven't seen her since Grace was a baby (she's 9.5 now) and his sister was just a teen. It'll be great to spend some time with her & her husband. I really think it'll be so great to finally get to know her

So with the upcoming vacation I am determined to step this journey into high gear, last year at this time I was on fire, rocking it and I made my Disney goal, I'm going to do it again this year. Today I got on the scale and I'm 190.4 pounds, I'd like to lose 20+ pounds by the time we leave for Disney! That would be amazing, putting me at my 100 pounds gone mark WOO HOO Gotta work hard to ensure I am successful. Only 2 months 2 days till then!

Food wise is an A+ I'm trying to stay at the high end of my ranges because of all the exercise I do. I don't want my body rebelling and not loosing weight because it thinks it's starving.

Calories goal 1,400 - 1,720 goal - 1645 actual
Fat goal 36-63 -- 61 actual
Protein 60-142-- 62 actual
Fiber 25-50 goal -- 43 actual
Sodium 500-2000 goal 1502 Actual


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 49 A good day

Yesterday was good, I went to the park and did 5 miles of walking/jogging got all my water in. Still trying to "train" to run in the humidity for on Saturday's 5k, ugh, I defiantly like early morning runs a lot better. I can go further and longer when the humidity is not sucking my breath out.

Later went on a fun date with Tyler & Daddy. We went for dinner and then to see Hop. It was cute & Tyler loved it as well.

Ready for day 50 today!! Can't believe we're half way thru the challenge

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back on track with the challenge (day 47 & 48)

Yay I'm happy to report I'm back on track!! No more slacking or binging!!

Yesteday was a great day, I stayed 100% in my calorie ranges as well as sodium and I even did 4.31 miles at the park of walking/running. My 5k race is on Saturday and I'm looking forward to so much!!

Today has been equally as great, The family & I went for a bike ride for 2.5 hours! I did 13 miles today! 100% in my ranges again for the day. Woo hoo!!

I'm really looking forward to weigh in on Monday, this past week was ROTTEN because of the binging and sodium levels, so I'm praying that's all gone by weigh day!

My blog "My 4 year old can hug me all the way around" has been chose as one of this weeks "best blogs" from Sparkpeople! I think that's awesome, that really was the most amazing day of my journey, if you have a minute feel free to stop by and view it

Also if you have time and haven't already please take a moment to check out my 80lbs gone video that I made a little bit ago. I am thrilled with my accomplishments and love sharing them with all my friends.

Thank you for all your support & encouragement the last few days! I appreciate it so much!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 45 & 46

Ugh I keep forgetting to post my blogs! That's what happens when I've been slacking on my diet, I slack on my blogs too!!

Been a rough couple days, but I'm climbing back on the wagon and getting back on track.. No more binging for me...

I can and will do this because FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

Last night we went to the Japanse steak house place again and I asked them to cook my food seperate so that way I had NO sauce, No Oils, No Butters, they looked shocked and kept saying "NO SAUCE? NO BUTTER?" I kept repeating RIGHT, NO SAUCE NO BUTTER, apparently they don't have to many "healthy" requests lol, everyone must enjoy the 5lbs of butter and 2 pounds of teriyaki & soy sauce they add! LOL so anyway, they prepared mine first then everyone else's and it was fabulous, I was able to eat healthy and enjoyed it so much more!!!

Then we went to a movie (Sucker Punch It was HORRIBLE & totally SUCKED) and I did good, had no snacks but I did have a Caramel Latte from the Gas Station that I chugged like it was water.. then came home and lost my mind with more snacking.. So like I said, no more binging, back on track today and working hard...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 44

Yesterday was a good day.

I exercised for 45 mins and stayed 100% in my calories and all ranges! YAY


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Catching up 42, 43 of my 100 day challenge

I forgot to post for the last couple days.. Whoops!

Things are going ok, I got off track a bit the last couple days with food, but not insane amounts or anything..Higher sodium that I should and I'm bloated so not even gonna weigh in until I get the swelling down.

Back on the right road today though.

Kids are out on Spring Break so I spent all day yesterday outside at six flags walking around and riding rides. Today we'll be going for a bike ride. I hope to be outdoors s much as possible this week!!

Only 2 weeks until my 5k! I'm ready!! I'm excited.

Here's to a great day 44.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 41 - A good Day

Today was a good day, in regards to exercise, I took it easy went for a short bike ride before Tyler fell of the monkey bars (we were riding at the school) and they were playing when he fell and busted his lip open so we piled all the bikes in the car and came home so we could ice it. Decided not to take him to the dr after calling the nurse hotline. He seems to be doing fine. Poor love it was his first split lip!! (Of many more to come I'm sure) LOL

Food wise I was REALLY short on calories after dinner (thats what I get for eating veggies for lunch! LOL ) so Greg and I went to Starbucks and I got me a Caramel Frap with whipped cream & caramel Syrup drizzle! Soo good! Add in a snicker bar for dessert and I finally made my calorie range for the day! LOL Not something I'd do regularly to get my calories, but since I was in my ranges I decided to have a treat and I'm good with it! Simply because I REFUSE to restrict myself from a treat now and then, From day one I have NEVER told myself "I CANT HAVE" eesh, honestly I cannot function on the "I CAN'TS" otherwise I'd be binging like a maniac because I said I "couldn't" have it, I'd be eating it, sneaking it, hoarding it, whatever I could to make sure I was getting it.. so by allowing myself a treat here and there, I don't feel deprived and I'm still living while on my journey.

My motto, Every thing in moderation...

So I give myself an A+ for the day and I'm looking forward to my "rest day" tomorrow for Day 42

Have a great night everyone.

April Goals

Goal 1700 minutes of exercise & 65 miles of walking, jogging, running or biking

1. 133 minutes 6.87 miles
2. 25 mins 2.06 miles *158 mins 8.93 miles *

April Goals

rystie's April Goals

*Continue making God my first priority each day by reading Bible before boards.

1. To Exercise 5 days a week -
goal of 1700 minutes and 65 miles of walking, jogging, running or biking

2. To make sure I give my body rest that it needs

3. To Drink 12 glasses or more a day

4. To lose 1.8 pounds or more per week for a total of 9 pounds by April 30th
(4.1.11 weight 191.6)

5. To continue staying in my food ranges set by Sparkpeople.

6. To run my entire 5k without stopping

7. To limit myself from sweets & junk food to a minimum

8.To continue to blog for the 100 day challenge.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 40 of Challenge check in

Wonderful awesome day yesterday, Got on the scale to find that I've lost even more since Monday! I've now reached 80 pounds gone! WOO HOOOO (Thanks to those who viewed my video blog!)

I went to the park and did 2.12 miles of just walking.. it was a "casual" day and it was very hard for me to restrain myself from running but I've got to listen to my body and give it rest as well.

Then I came home and did Wii Just Dance 2 and Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. Later last night, Greg and I went for a bike ride after dinner.
All in all I did 133 minutes of exercise and a total of 6.87 miles! Woo hoo

I was 100% in my ranges for everything.

Another great day!

Day 39 & March Recap

yesterday was a great day, I made video of how far I've come, my first video ever. I'm pretty proud of it. (posted below this one if you want to see it) did some Sparking and took another rest day of exercise.. Felt Great

I'm happy to report that I ended March on a GREAT note with 1,813 minutes of exercise and 67.58 miles! I met my goal of loosing 3 pounds this month (actually I lost 7 pounds total) got to put on my 7 5lbs Dandy Lion charm, and I met both exercise & miles goals. I'm so proud of myself!

I R.O.A.R-ed the whole month and did fantastic super proud of myself! Time to do the same thing for April.

If you'd like to R.O.A.R with me please come join my Sparkteam the Dandy Lions

My video Journey, 80 lbs gone

Please view it here

80 Pound Video Blog