Friday, December 30, 2011

Krystie's Weight Loss Story

A few people have asked for my story , so here it is in a nutshell!

Before my journey began , I was so large that I couldn't bend over to tie my own shoes, I'd have to have help or I'd just wear flip flops in the winter. 
I could barely walk to the mailbox. Running or even jogging was out of the question. 
I was having a lot of pain in my knees when I walked (or climbed stairs ). I also had a LOT of pain in my back around my kidneys when I slept because of the weight, so I would toss and turn all night in pain. 

Then on Christmas 2009 when I was uploading my photos of Christmas morning, I saw a photo of what I thought was my mother, and had to take a couple double takes, it couldn't be my mother, she is 2000 miles away, WHO IS THAT? 
I got so upset because I hadn't seen myself in photos to really know what I had let myself get to. 

Then and there I vowed, I would fix this and get healthy. So like most people, I started my journey on January 1st and have been doing great ever since. Sure I've had ups and downs, but I never quit, I just kept going and stuck with it!! 
Usually I'd give up within 6 weeks of starting but this time I knew it was for good!

Jan 18th, 2010 I found this amazing, free site called and I signed up. Sparkpeople has ignited so many flames in my life, I now am more active than I've ever been!! I love being outdoors, riding bicycle, playing at the park with my family & my new passion, I have learned to love running!! I enjoy taking mixed martial arts classes & boxing classes as well! Anything Exercise related is now fun for me!! 

I began my weight loss journey on 1.1.10. Currently I have lost 115 pounds and 67.5 inches overall. I currently have about 30 pounds until I reach my goal weight 
and I'll continue until I reach my final goal, regardless of how long it takes!! 


I am now a Motivator & Supporter, Weight Loss Coach & I get my Personal Trainer certificate on Jan 14th 2012. I enjoy helping others and being able to share my journey, with hopes of igniting a spark in them as well. I am proof that Sparkpeople works and you can reach your dreams & goals if you just stick with it!!! 

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

I fit in the chair!! Woo hoo (then & Now)

Two Christmas' ago I had this photo taken of myself  
which later that afternoon became my "AH HA MOMENT" on omg who is that woman? Thats my mother? No it can't be she's in North Dakota, that day I vowed that I'd change my ways and get healthy and I have!!!! 

Two years later, 115 pounds and 67.5 inches over all I'm completely THRILLED at my progress and success 

Not only can I fit in the chair, but my kids can sit in the chair with me! 

Just had to share my success with everyone!!! 

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rough couple Weeks

All this week I've been teaching the Live Meetings that talk about blogging to get out the frustrations and help with stress so after having a conversation with my friend Marc in the meeting I decided to post a blog to share with ya'll whats going on. I have a hard time opening up, and admitting when I've struggled, so I want to get better at it so here I am blogging 

My last blog was 12/9 from there till 12/19 I had a really hard couple weeks, Everything from the divorce to the guy I was seeing who ended up being married (when he said he wasn't), and breaking that off, to work, to finances, to everything, and I made really really bad choices fell off my plan and reverted back to old self 

FINALLY I got my head above water and started fighting back, and have been making GREAT choices all week, I had a small set back that I was able to push thru and I'm back to loosing weight again so I'm happy about that 

I'm NEVER quitting and NEVER giving up, it was a small set back on my journey and now I'm rocking it and gonna finish the year strong!!!! I'm still up 2.5 lbs but I'm confident I'll have those gone next week!! 

3 weeks 6 days till my 34th birthday 

How are you all doing on your journey for the birthday challenge? 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Live Meetings! They're Great

Live Meetings! Have you tried it out yet? If no, what are you waiting for? They give you a free week trial! If yes, I'd love to hear what you think of them. New Topics each week with various times each day to fit your schedule best! 

Go check it out!!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Visualize your Goals

We do this each time in the Live! Meetings that Sparkpeople
and it really is a powerful tool! (You should come join me in class sometime the classes are amazing) 

Visualizing yourself achieving your goals can be VERY powerful; in fact, many of the world’s best Olympic athletes use this technique to help prepare themselves for competition! 

Take time to see yourself in the future. 
I want you to imagine what your goals are and what you want to look like. Imagine your health better, getting to play with your kids or grand-kids, Imagine doing things you've not been able to do! 

I want you to silently visualize some of the goals and aspirations that your vision collages represent. 

Visualize yourself reaching these goals. See what your body will look like. 
Imagine what you will feel like. Picture yourself reaching all your goals. 


What will your life be like?  
How will you feel? 
Are you ready to work hard to make this happen? 
It won’t be easy, but it will be totally worth it, in more ways than you can even imagine right now! 

You WILL overcome obstacles. 
You WILL reach your dreams! 
You WILL be proud of yourself! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Unbelievable I'm in an 8 from a 24 woo hoo

When I started my journey I was in a 24, I really could have had a 26 but I refused to buy that size so I just dealt with it, anyway  
fast forward 22 months to Yesterday .... I went to Walmart with the kids, and while they we're looking at toys I had the idea, hey I'm gonna go try on some 8's and see if they fit me. So I went and got a couple pair and went to the fitting room, UNBELIEVABLE!! They slid right up, I stood there for probably 5 mins just starting in amazement that I have come this far!!!! WOW WOW WOW 
 Defiantly a great accomplishment in my journey!! It's so weird not being plus sized anymore!! I'm just so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished!! WOW 


Also too my measurements today -- 
275 starting Weight - 162.3 Today 112.7 pounds gone 

Waist- starting 41 now 28 (13 inches gone) 
Hips -starting 56in-- Now - 37 (19 inches gone) 
Thigh- starting 32 Now - 21 (9 inches gone) 
Calf -Starting 19- 14 (5 inches gone) 
Bicep- Starting 18 in now 11 ( 6 inches gone) 
Chest starting 42 now 32 (10 inches gone) 
Neck starting 14.5 -- Now 12 (2.5 inches gone) 
Forearm starting 12 -- now 9 (3 inches gone) 
67.5 inches overall now gone forever!! 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Woo Hoo no Longer Obese

WOW! What a non scale victory this is!!!! I'm just on top of the world moving into this category! 
I have now lowered my BMI from Extremely Obese to the "Overweight" category.. 

When I first started my journey my BMI was 50.3 and today my BMI is 30!! 
What an awesome feeling!! (For those wondering I am 5 1 1/2 tall) 

WOO HOO!! All thanks to Sparkpeople for giving me the tools I needed to be successful, I've been able to change my life and my health so that I can live longer and be healthier!!! AMAZING!!!!!! 

275 to164 so far!! WOO HOO 

Monday, October 31, 2011

My Halloween Costume

Bold, maybe, but I've lost 110 pounds and I'm proud of my accomplishments!! This is the first "Bare" stomach photos I've ever taken, I used to be ashamed of my body and hide, now I'm feeling confident enough to post them here for ya'll.. Guess I've really come a long way on my journey! 




BTW for those needing their memory jogged this was me at the beginning of my journey 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Randoms & some pics (day 31)

Went to the park today and took some family photos! I love them, I think they turned out so great!!

Well things have been going, not great, not bad just going, and I'm ready to push it into gear and step it up. No more slacking or mindless eating... Theres no sense in just coasting.. so here I go.. I'm back to 107 pounds gone and I'm ready to push push push to get to 110 gone..

Been busy with work and trying to fit in stuff, but I'm getting better, now If I just could get myself to bed on time! LOL this Staying up till 4:30 in the morning is for the birdies! LOL New goal this week, go to bed by 1am!! No exceptions.

Other stuff going on, some know some don't, My husband and I have been separated and on Friday I met with a lawyer to start the proceedings.. I'm just tired and ready to move on....I deserve happiness and unfortunately I'm not finding that here, haven't for a long time so it's time to let go. Its weird for me, I've been with him 1/2 of my life so handling this comes in bursts of "great, on top of the world followed by bursts of emotional eating and pitty parties" I'm doing the best I can and I know it's gonna be a healing process for me so I just keep moving forward .. I don't ever want to go backwards so onward and forward I go!!

Thanks to all who've been my support team while I deal with this, your friendship means more to me than anything

So thats my random randoms & catching me up!! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 22 of 100 days check in

So I've been so far off track with this challenge, I've been eating ok but my exercise is off a bit.. so today I make a FRESH start on the challenge to 100 days to the new year...



Monday, October 10, 2011

PBS Filming Adventure

First let me start off with I know this is really late, nearly a week after it's happened but I just haven't been in a blogging kinda mood.. So here it is .. (as compressed as possible)

Last Tuesday they arrived at 6am to the house and basically they started with doing my make up and hair and then filming

they filmed me getting the kids snacks, they filmed me MAKING breakfast, which I didnt get to eat, had to dump because my oatmeal got mushy from just sitting made a 2nd bowl an hour later and and was finally allowed to eat 15 mins later (Again turning to mush),. grr. they filmed me making coffee, they filmed me getting the kids off to school.. then they filmed me for Live! class,

then we went to the gym and they filmed me "pretending to work at the front desk, filmed me on the phone, had to do a bunch of retakes because I wasn't smiling enough when I answered the phone! LOL , then had KILLER workout, which involved, Cardio, Boxing and getting in the ring.. eesh then they had me do like 50 box jumps and then had to take a Freaking COLD shower (yeah didn't know gym didn't have hot fing water)....there is nothing worse that being hot and sweaty and standing in a freezing cold shower.. it was like needles hitting my skin.. yeouch!!

then they did my makeup (AGAIN)and then we headed to the park for my sit down film interview, : that was a disaster because all the noises around us , so it took forever for that.. Kat was very frustrated, I just had to laugh.. Murphy's law kinda thing! LOL so a 30 min interview turned into an hour and a half, I was late getting back, to the kids didn't get lunch until 4 (again STARVING) when they finally let me eat it after they filmed the stuff that I made and all of my Mrs Dash collections!

After that they had me go for a bike ride with the kids, then they filmed me jogging in the neighborhood, we came back to the house and then we went out to the gazebo and they filmed me on EVERYTHING, the elliptical, the treadmill, the weight machines, they even had me do a DVD so they could film that.

After that they had me do a "mock" biggest loser boost, and do 10 different exercises which I had to keep doing because I'd smile or look the wrong way! LOL..

So needless to say it was an Exhausting day, I did hours of exercises and filming and they finally left at 7:30 at night and I finally got to eat dinner.

But all in all even with how busy it was, it was a fun day and I'm so blessed for the opportunity!!!!!
I can't wait to see the show!!! I'll keep you posted when it airs. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Size 10's Ralph Lauren! I'm ontop of the world

Gonna turn this into day 8 & 9 blog too but I really want to share my ontop of the world moments too.

Friday was a good day, I stayed in my ranges and did great.

So yesterday (Saturday ) I went to the store because my 14's are falling off of me and I need to get new ones, I only had 1 pair of 12s and they're capris, since the weather is cooling off I was like I better go get some new pants. So I went to Value Village (like a goodwill) and got me a few pair of 12's, but I had a thought and I was like I wonder if I cuold try a 10 and just see how far away I am and how far away I am from being in them..

When I held them up in front of me I said out loud
"THERE IS NO WAY THESE ARE GOING TO FIT ME, THEY LOOK LIKE A KIDS SIZE!!!", I didn't think I'd get them pasted my knees but OMGOSH!! THEY FIT, slide right up and I was able to buckle them without having to hold my breath!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! 24's to 10's!!! emoticon

Then I went to look for a new dress for everyday casual wear and there was this GORGEOUS emerald green formal evening dress so I took it off the rack, and read the tag "RALPH LAUREN size 10", still had the Bloomingdales tag on attached marked for 8 bucks. My husband was like "what are you gonna do with it" I said I don't care, a Ralph Lauren dress for 8 bucks! I'm getting it. LOL, so this morning just for fun I tried it on (please excuse the messy hair! LOL) and felt like a princess in the dress!!!
Now I just need a hot date where I can get all fancied up and wear it out!

I have come so far on my journey, I am just so very very very proud of myself!!! Just wanted to share with you all 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 6 & 7

Tuesday (day 6) was a great day (sorta!), got to the gym and warmed up on the elliptical and then did 50 push ups, then class started and it was INTENSE AND INSANE.. They had the ladder rope stretched out, and all these obstacles and what not and it was amazing. A killer workout, well around the the 2nd or 3rd time I was doing the ladder drills (like football players too for those wonder) when I got to the end my ankle rolled and it really hurt, but I kept going , when that was done my trainer said now go sprint to the corner and and back, and I did and I felt fine, it was sore but I ran on it.

Later that night I went to work and then my ankle started hurting quite bad, by the time I got home I couldn't hardly walk up the stairs, it's swollen and not feeling great. I don't think it's broken but man does it hurt,

Day -7 Ok fast forward to yesterday Wednesday 9.28 woke up, thought the ankle felt great, and by 8am it was swelling up again, ugh, I can walk on it but it's super tender, so I asked all my FB friends and everyone is telling me there's a good chance it could be cracked/fractured and me still walking on it, so I think I'm going to go get it checked out today.

No exercise for Day 7, but I'm 100% in my ranges for both days for food!!!

Gonna baby my foot today, I've only got a few days till PBS comes to film me all day, not gonna be good if I'm in a walking cast or something!! UGH.. I'll keep you posted on what dr says!!

Here's to a great day 8

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 4 &5

Sunday was day 4- It was my scheduled day off for exercise, but I did great in water and food area

Monday was day 5. I didn't make it to the gym for class so I hopped on the elliptical and did 35 mins, then jumped on the treadmill and jogged for 20 mins. Later that evening I went to work and got the rest of my exercising in with cleaning and walking around the gym.

I was in my ranges but a bit on the low side for calories (still in goal) so I will work on that today! Tomorrow is my weight in, looking forward to seeing what the scale is up too!!!

Here's to a great day 6

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 2 & 3 Challenge Check in

Day 2 (Friday 9/23) was great, I went to the gym but got there late so I missed class, so I hopped on the elliptical for 25 minutes and then hopped over to the recumbent bike and did 30 minutes. Later that Evening I had to work so I got more exercise with cleaning and walking around at work. 100% in my ranges!!!

Day 3 also a great day, I fell short on my minutes but I had the mind frame that "I wasn't going to let the day go by without anything" so I did 30 mins on Elliptical and 25 mins on the treadmill (jogging mostly). so 55 mins for the day. 100% in my calories & ranges

Snuck a peek at the scale and was down the other half pound since Wed!! woo hoo, bringing my total to 103 pounds gone!! YAY YAY YAY

On to Day 4!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My day 1/100 Challenge Check In

Yesterday 9.22 started the 100 days till the new year. It was a busy day but a great day just the same.

First I taught my Sparkpeople Live! Meeting and then I went to the gym and did 15 mins on the Elliptical, then did a HARDCORE insane intense 30 mins Cardio Fit class, then I jumped on the Treadmill and ran for 5 mins at 5.5 mph - 50 mins of exercise.

Came home, chilled out for a couple hours and went back to the gym (where I am now an employee "!! YAY ) and got in 30 mins of cleaning as well for exercise!

I drank all of my water, stayed within my ranges and exercised!!

A+ for the first day!!!

How did you do for your day 1 of the 100 days till the new year challenge??

Looking forward to a great day 2

**My goals**
Exercise 6 days a week for 75 mins each day
Drink 12 glasses of water each day
Stay within my ranges 98% of the time
Blog about it often
Limit my sugars/sweets to a bare minimum
Loose 10% of my body weight ( 173 lbs) (current 173 lbs)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Biggest Loser Boost Workout

YAy it's that time of year again, to workout with the show,

First I did 15 mins on elliptical before the show came on,

First commercial did 5 more mins on elliptical

next commercial I sprinted on treadmill at 6.6 mph for 2 mins then walked for 3 more

next 3.30 mins step ups with 10 pound weights doing shoulder presses and bicep curls
1.5 mins tricep kickbacks and extensions 5 total mins

Jogged 3 more mins on treadmill .75 total miles so far)

5 mins on elliptical to finish
2 mins stretching

50 mins total

Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on PBS Filming WOO HOO

In reference to this blog (please read if your not up to date with the Whole PBS stuff with me )

Yay so I just got this email from the Producer (gonna copy/paste email)

Hi Krystie -

Happy Monday!

We would like produce a full profile segment on you within the next couple of weeks.

This will involve spending the day with you and your family, gathering footage within your home, any outdoor locations where you run/walk, you in boxing class, etc... Maybe some grocery store footage of you and your family shopping, some restaurant footage, etc.

If you're interested, could you let me know what days you would NOT be able to shoot between now and October 8?

Let me know asap, what dates you are NOT available, so that I can get you on the schedule for taping!


(BTW, thanks to you, I went out and bought several flavors of Mrs Dash...OMG, so yummy!!!!!!)


WOO HOO I'm so excited, just had to give ya'll an update to what's happening in my world!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

My 100 days till 1/1/2012 challenge (starting 9.22)

I posted this today on my Dandy Lions team..

according to my calculations there are only 104 days until the new year, I would love to do a 100 days challenge

Do you need a fresh start, a new plan, a new challenge, a re-boot, a re-start.
Lets do this!!!!

Write down your goals here
Come up with an action plan for the next 100 days and post it here.
When we get EXACTLY to the 100 days until 1/1/12 we'll begin the challenge and I will post daily for you to be accountable and keep track

No special rules or special 100 day plan needed. Just YOUR OWN plan, whatever works for you, your own rules and plan but most importantly commitment TO YOU for this time--

100 days, 14 weeks. Stay healthy, have fun and above all Love yourself and put you first!!

Who's in with me?!?!

Krystie's 100 days goals.

Exercise 6 days a week for 75 mins each day

Drink 12 glasses of water each day

Stay within my ranges 98% of the time


Blog about it often

Limit my sugars/sweets to a bare minimum

Loose 10% of my body weight ( 173 lbs) (current 173 lbs)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Live! Meeting -Next week Making over Comfort Foods

Sparkpeople means so much to me and it's an honor that I get to work for them to teach the classes on a weekly basis. I'm loving it and would like to invite you to join in if you aren't already!!

For those who aren't aware of this, Sparkpeople has launched the Live! Meetings where we get to interact face to face, and chat and support one another during weekly meetings! They've got a great special going on buy 2 months, get 1 free, Plus they give you a whole week free!!! and it averages out to like 8.00 a month with the special.. Less than going out to dinner one time for the whole month!!!
Please check it out!!!

The meetings are amazing and so supportive ,it's awesome to be able to connect one on one . I just love that you get all that and more from the Live! meetings, then even provide you with a take home each week to help you stay on track!!

I look forward to seeing you at one of them!

The topic for the week - Making Over Comfort Food Recipes. Click more dates to see my classes (SparkLeader Krystie)

9am Eastern
8 am Central
7 am Mountain
6 am Pacific

If the 9am class is too early for you, or the time is conflicting please feel free to choose another time that works best for you, and if you don't see a good time on the schedule, let me know and I'll pass the information on to the people in charge

Also, if you're already signed up I'd love it if you checked out my SparkLeader Krystie page there and give me a comment

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Are you ready to take charge of your weight once and for all and start your journey? Join! It's Free and I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to lose 102 pounds (and counting) without them. Check them out.!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sparkpeople Live! Meetings-I'm teaching Tues, Thurs & Fri @9am

As some of you may or may not know, I was chosen to be a leader at the Sparkpeople Live Classes that they've just launched to the public!Sparkpeople means so much to me and it's an honor that I get to work for them to teach the classes. I'm loving it and would like to invite you to join in if you aren't already!!

 They have a special going right now, buy 2 months and get the third month free! They even give you one week free on top of that!! Plus they have 100% Satisfaction guarantee!!

The meetings are amazing and so supportive , it's awesome to be able to connect one on one. It really makes your connection more real when you can be in a group of people who are on the same journey!! I just love that you get all that and more from the Live! meetings, then even provide you with a take home each week to help you stay on track!!

I teach Tuesday, Thursday & Friday of next week at 9am est for Sparkpeople Live! Meetings

The Topic this week is Dealing with Emotional Eating.

click that link, and then click more dates to join me in my class. (or classes if you want to join more :D )

I look forward to seeing you at one of them!

Click Here to check out my SparkLeader Profile at Livemind!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

PBS Interview (Detailed and Long)

On Wednesday 8/31 I had the honor of going to GPB to be filmed for a pilot, for a tv show they are wanting to do (I was selected through an email I got from Sparkpeople).

So I arrived at PBS, waiting to be taken upstairs, they come down and get me. We go straight to Wardrobe & Make up Area, where the Wardrobe lady looks through my outfits and chooses the best one that she wants me to wear (I ended up in black slacks and a fuchsia blouse)

Then I went to the makeup chair. First they did my hair, by straightening it, then they started on my make-up. I have never had makeup airbrushed on before! It was fun, but it was cold as she applied it! Then of course they did the mascara, eyeliner shadow and lips and Viola! I was ready for filming! I felt so pretty and like a pampered princess with all the attention.

After my makeup was ready I was walked down to the green room for filming. They talked to me about coming out on the screen in a fun way, They said some came out dancing, some came out spinning, & twirling, & they wanted me to think of something clever ... oh man. I had no clue, so jokingly I said um my boxing gloves are in the car, I could wear those and Oh lord, they liked that idea. So they sent someone to my car and got my boxing gloves.  So they had me do a few punches- stances etc.

That was my least favorite part, here I am all dressed up and feeling pretty and trying to look tough on  screen, I just wasn't feeling it!! Now if I would have been in exercise mode I would have been fine but it just was awkward.
After that we got rid of the gloves and did a few shots of me dropping my 24 jeans (first wrapping around me, then dropping).

Next was the interview portion, they had me start by stating my name and where I'm from, then the questions began.. Shortly into the questions she asked me "What happened, Why did you become 275 pounds ??" Wow, that was a really hard question, I got choked up and shed a few tears with my reply of "I didn't care about myself and just let myself go, I put myself last & I never made me matter". That honestly broke my heart to re-think that because now I do love myself and looking back at how badly I treated myself really hurt my feelings. Its amazing how my self esteem has gone from rock bottom to finally making myself important and loving myself...  I really believe that is the key to being successful is learning to love yourself along the journey.

The rest of the questions were upbeat and fun, I was able to smile, laugh and just share my journey & all of my accomplishments. I got to talk about how awesome Sparkpeople is, and how without them I would have easily quit 6 weeks into the journey and all my friends and support that I've found here. I even got to share about my beloved Dandy Lions Team and how amazing of a group we are!!

It was a great day, I got to share some great milestones like Tyler getting to hug me all the way around, and me conquering Goliath (all previous blogs of mine). She asked me about my weight loss song that I deemed for myself "The warrior" (by Patty Smyth), I told her the part that describes me the most is at the end when it says "I am the warrior & victory is mine!!!"

Just a great day.. here's a few photos of me after filming was done

They said it's scheduled to air in November but they'll let me know for sure, so when I know I'll be sure to tell ya'll!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo Shoot to celebrate 100 pounds gone!

Had a blast on my first photo shoot to celebrate my 100 pounds gone, after it was finished , I had my husband take my photos, and so I basically had a double shoot!! YAY I felt like a princess, I've never done a photo shoot before and to be doing it in celebration of my huge victory, was just magnificent!! Now keep in mind, that I have always been the one to hide BEHIND the camera, not ever letting photos of me be taken so this was a big step for me to pose and let loose.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed having them taken!!

24 to 12's

Good Bye Fat Pants!!

Dandy Lion Tattoo Photo... to reflect on the amazing support and encouragement that I received from my Sparkpeople team the Dandy Lions. Without them I would have never been as successful as I have been!! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Update on Dr Stuff...

I'm back from the Ultrasound, of course they didn't tell me anything, they said they'd let my doctor know and she'll call me. Sigh.. more waiting.

For those wondering, I went in for a right upper quadrant ultrasound ( liver/ pancreas /gallbladder (I don't have one) bile duct & Right Kidney) because my Dr called the other day letting me know that my liver enzymes were thru the roof (nearly 5xs normal range) and they wanted to check to see what's going on. She asked me if I drank, I said Rarely, she asked if I took a lot of Tylenol, I said no, I hate taking pills, so then she tells me she wants to do an ultrasound because my numbers are so very high.

She also said they ran a Hepatitis test and that came back negative, so that's good but I still had to have the US to see what else it might be.

I refuse to believe anything is wrong with me, I think they made a mistake in their testings, I am healthy, I am active, I have NO symptoms (jaundice, fatigue, etc ) so they have to be wrong.. Anyway I thought I'd share you with you all whats going on, and not leave anyone hanging, because you are like my family and you all care about me and I don't want to leave anyone guessing.

Continue praying that indeed the tests are wrong! I've experienced a medical miracle before with my breast tissue and I'm claiming it again in this situation.. (You know the kind, the dr's are baffled because they saw something, and then check it again and its gone!! ).. Ya that's what is going to happen when they call me with the test results of the ultra sound!


UPDATE : **UPDATE*** Dr called and said my liver is perfectly fine... All praises to Jesus!!!!!!! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

YAY! I did it I did it! 100 pounds GONE!!!

I did it!! Omgosh!! I started my journey January 1st 2010 and today I celebrate 100 pounds gone!!  I'm so proud of myself!! From 275 pounds, to today 175

Was is easy? My answer NO,  I busted my tail and earned every single pound that I lost!! It wasn't easy but I NEVER QUIT! I averaged 1.18 pounds lost each week of my journey and I'm so proud of that.

Did you take anything or do anything to aid in the weight loss.. Again my answer is no, all 100% me  with hard work, discipline and determination and the help of and all my spark buddies who've kept me going

Ive litterally shrunk 1/2 my starting size down from size 24 jeans to size 12 and from a 3X shirt to a Small (some mediums) (check out my blog Celebrating my non scale victories if you'd like to see all the inches gone

I'm a whole new person, my health has improved, I've gone from not being able to walk up my driveway without a break, to running 5ks and taking MMA classes. I no longer experience kidney pains when I lay down, I can run and play with my kids and mentally I feel AMAZING! Before I had horrible self esteem, was very depressed, and now I'm on top of the world and I love myself!!

I am proof that if you DO NOT EVER QUIT, you will be successful!! Remember it's not about how fast you get there, its just getting there that counts!
 No matter how long it takes!!!

If you're just starting out, or somewhere down the road on your journey I encourage to you just keep going, yes there will be hard days, yes you'll run into detours, yes you'll have bumps in the road but as long as you stay on the course you will reach your goals and you will be successful!!!!

 Join me as I finish this journey off and reach my final goal -- only 40 more pounds to go!

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