Saturday, April 24, 2010

Woo hoo! I did the 5k!

I am beyond thrilled! I finished my first 5k tonight! It's 3.1 miles, it was raining/drizziling, but I didn't get discouraged and I jogged nearly 3/4 of the first mile then we (my husband and I) walked at a great pace and finished on a full sprint to the finish line!!

3.1 miles in 45.36 minutes!! That's HUGE for me! 15 min miles.. wow!!


I'm so thrilled and so so very very proud of myself, just had to share with ya'll!!!

My Husband & I

Me before the race

Some teamates

Most of our Teammates Soul Sneaker

Friday, April 23, 2010

Woo hoo my 1st 5k is tomorrow!

Who would have thought *I*, *ME*, would ever sign up for anything like that, well as you all know I've been on my weight loss journey since 1.1 and have been rocking it!! Well little by little I've began jogging and doing lots of walking so when the opportunity came up to participate in a 5k, I grabbed my checkbook and wrote the check so I wouldn't back out!!

4 months ago I could barely walk to the end of my driveway without
thinking I was dying and here I am now EXCITED to do 3.1 miles! WOO HOO that's so thrilling! I've come a long way!

My goal is to jog the first mile of the 5k (3.1 miles total) then walk at a fast pace the rest of the way. My husband is also walking with me, and that thrills me too! To finally have him on my side, supporting me really motivates me to do things I normally wouldnt push myself to do!

Ohh by the way I'm now down 38.4 pounds now!
Getting so close to my 2nd goal of 45lbs gone by 5-16!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My new tattoo, the Dandy Lion

I had to share my new tattoo. I got this for 2 reason, the main reason is my children are ALWAYS picking me dandilions, every where we go they always pick me one and say "here mommy, here's a flower for you" to them it's not a weed, to a child it's a ready gift to make my day so it just seemed perfect to get something to remind me of all the love they pick for me.

2nd when I started this BL challenge for Christians with 100+ pounds to lose on SparkPeople, I was assigned to team Dandy Lions, so I found this pic of our "Dandy Lion" online and fell in love with him, so to incorporate my children and the success of my weight loss journey into one I got this tattoo done the other day!!

I love it sooo much!! I can't wait till it's healed so I can get another pic that's not got the red skin and shiny around it! LOL

Just had to share.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I signed up for my 1st 5k

Woo hoo I just signed up for my 1st 5k.. 3.2 miles..  should be a piece of cake!

Greg and I always walk 3 miles at the park so this should be easy for me to walk. I'm going to attempt to jog a bit of it but am not ready for jogging the whole thing yet!

I'm super excited.. the 5k is on the 24th, I've never participated in any kind of anything like this so it's a tiny bit nerve-wracking but soooooooooooo excitng at the same time.. I've paid my fees so theres no backing out! WOO HOO

When I first asked my Greg if he wanted to do a 5k he immediatly said "NO", then I said won't you walk with me?? and he said "oh of course if you're doing it, I'm in".. AWWWW I love how support he has been with this journey!! With his support and the support of my online and offline friends, I KNOW I will be successful! There's nothing stopping me now!!

wooo hoo!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not Even Vacation will slow me down!

I am so proud of myself, we have been in Florida since Thursday at Disney and I have been so diligent in exercising and tracking my calories, drinking all of my water & staying within my calorie range!

The other day after walking about 7 hours around the Magic Kingdom, we came back to the hotel and the kids went swimming and I went to the fitness center, where I did 50 minutes of exercise!

Each day we've walked anywhere from 6-10 hours and I still come back and do something (swimming, walking, stair climbing etc). Even when I'm standing in the lines waiting for a ride I'll do something, like calf raises, squats (works great when I've got Ty piggy back), leg lifts etc... I don't really care if others think I'm nuts or not, I'm on a mission!! LOL
Yesterday at Animal kingdom while my family was on a ride I stayed back with Ty who wasn't big enough and the entire time they were in line I did "step aerobics" on a rock! I'm sure people thought I'd lost my mind but I didn't care, I wanted to work in a bit of cardio since I was just standing there anyway so up and down the rock I went for about 10 mins or so...

Here's my rock
 We go home on Thursday and I'm looking forward to seeing the scale and the results of my hard work!!