Thursday, March 25, 2010

FINALLY 30lbs GONE!!!!

I had a rough week, with bloating and battling my willpower, It was insane how easy I could sway my mind to not eat healthy & not exercise!! But I'm back on track and
WOO HOO I'm THRILLED to announce I've finally got my 30lbs gone!!


We leave for Disney in 1 week!! I DID IT I DID IT!!

Next goal is 45lbs total gone by 5-16(my anniversary)

Heres a current photo of me from the other day 3.19. I can see the changes in my face starting to show! How exciting!

From Jan 30th

And from December 24th

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

29.5 pounds! COME ON!???!!

I'm so close to my first goal, I wish the scale would quit fooling with my head and just move already!!! COME ON SCALE! JUST MOVE!

2 weeks until we go to DisneyWorld! I WILL make my 1st goal!!


Monday, March 15, 2010


I just have to brag for a moment (ok maybe a few moments! LOL), as those of you who have been following my blog know that I have started jogging in small bursts, trying to build myself up and get stronger.

Yesterday, my husband, my children & I went the park where I could walk the path, while they played, so we walked and on one of the laps I told my husband, when we get back around I want to try and jog for as long as I can on the next lap, so we get to the sign and off I go, I haven't gone 30 seconds and could feel the burn, fat me wanted to stop and give up, but I pressed on, half way around the track is a small hill, that again fat me said "YOU CANT DO THIS" and I wanted to stop, well my husband must have realized I was about to stop and started encouraging me, saying "come on baby, you can get up this hill, push up this hill, you can do it" so I kept going, (all the while thinking OMG I CANT DO THIS!)

I get to the top of the hill and now I'm really ready to stop, but he keeps encouraging me and so I keep jogging, Now in my mind I'm thinking oh woah, I just jogged up a hill, oh woah, I can do this, but I'm having a battle in my mind, part of me saying "just quit, you can't and the other part saying YES I CAN watch me".. So we continue jogging down the path and I'm ALMOST to the end and thought about quitting again, but my husband said "come on baby, you've got this, finish it out.. don't quit" and you know what??


I jogged 1 full lap which was .33 of a mile in 4.5 minutes! I was and am so proud of myself, me at 242 pounds jogged a third of a mile!! 2 months ago I couldn't have jogged 30 seconds and now woo hoo look at me go!! Such a proud moment I had to share!!

I ended up jogging a few more times before we were done as well. I walked/jogged 3 miles yesterday and felt so so awesome!

Then after our walk/jog. We all played frisbee and catch with the nerf football. I tell you what it felt so good to be out playing with my kids and not huffing and puffing because I couldn't breath!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am so thrilled to be on the right track to loosing weight and reaching my first "BIG" goal. As of this morning I only need 3.8 pounds to reach my 30 pound Disney World Goal.

Seeing that I'm SO close really motivates me to go go go even more because I want it so much. I realize having a (realistic) goal and working twords it has been whats been keeping me on track since January 1st. Knowing that I was going to Disney was enough of a motivation to get me up and get me moving. I cannot wait until I reach my 30lbs gone.. I just know I'm going to be jumping and dancing!!! I have 3 week until we go to Disney and I KNOW I will make my goals!!

Last night I added up all my "spark fitness minutes" to find out how many hours I've done since 1.17 when I first started exercising... 3915 mins /60 mins in a hour and exclaimed "HOLY MOLEY!! I've done 65.25 HOURS of exercise in less than 2 months! Oh my goodness WOW! That really made me so proud because I have WORKED my tail off for each and every pound that I've lost and I'm just so proud of myself!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

25.4 Pounds Gone!!

WOW OH WOW!! I'm so thrilled I have been on my journey since 1.1.10 and as of this morning I am down 25.4 pounds!! WOO HOO!!!

I am 4.6 pounds from my Disney goal (30lbs in 4 months) and I have a litte over 3 weeks to do it. I AM SO TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE IT!!! WOO HOO!!!!

What an awesome way to start off my Monday!!

Starting 271.2
Currnet 245.8


Sunday, March 7, 2010

I can't believe it! I signed up for my first sport!!

I have never ever played any sport before as an adult, because I was to heavy, to self conscious, to lazy, to just whatever to even FATHOM that thought... Well they have been talking at church about woman's softball and I've been asked by a few if I was going to play, I said, welllllll I don't know.... And was going to just bow out gracefully.....

BUT.. in the last 2 months I have started finding the athlete that is hiding inside myself, I enjoy exercise, I enjoy jogging (yes even at 250 pounds ) so today they made the announcement to sign up and I proudly got up after service and put my name down on the list!! I felt AWESOME to finally make that first move out of my old habit's!!!

I feel so awesome, and so proud of myself, I will no longer let that "FAT ME" control me and my happiness, I will do things, I am strong, I don't need to sit on the sidelines, I can run, I can play and I can have fun!!! I'm just over the moon with myself for FINALLY doing something positive and so rewarding for ME!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My pants Grew...or am I really shrinking????

These are my favorite jeans and I think they grew... or perhaps I'm shrinking!!! Was so thrilled that I had to take a photo before I tossed them out!! WOOO HOOO! I'm so excited to be seeing results!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2010 Goals

Spend time with the Lord, Reading my Bible & praying daily
Drink my water EVERYDAY!! 100oz or more
Exercise 6 days a week 45 mins or more a day
Jog for at least 2 mins each time I walk on treadmill or track (more is great but at LEAST 2)
Measure all food that I eat & then log it so I'm fully aware of how I'm doing!
Write in my journal/Blog as much as possible
Encourage others in the message boards & blogs
Limit my sugars/cakes/candies I feel so much better when I don't eat a bunch of that junk! Meet or Beat my 30lbs goal for Disney (currently at 24lbs gone)