Sunday, January 8, 2017

Off to a great start

I weighed this morning and I am down 5.6 pounds since January 1st!
I'm very excited about that, I have worked very hard this week not to binge or emotional eat, I had a lot going on but basically kept myself in my room or downstairs so I couldn't!

I stayed on track every day with the exception of going over my calories on the night I made lasagna and realized that pasta, cheese & bread just need to be completely eliminated from my life because it hurts my stomach every time I eat it, making me bloat & swell up.

My biggest success would be last night, when the children had Nachos & I chose to skip the cheese & chips and just have a salad with the turkey meat, ranch & salsa!
Normally if would devour half of a bag of tortilla chips before I ever served the meal!! Very proud of myself for that accomplishment

On a non weight loss note, I have made a commitment to read my bible, & do my daily devotionals & I have not missed one day!  It's really neat how day after day the Lord is continuing to show me what He wants me to be working on & dealing with to strengthen my relationship with Him.
 The topic of my first few days of 2017 was "burning the ship" where it talks about letting go of anything that's holding you back from moving forward & that's exactly what I'm doing in all areas of my life, especially with dating/ men who have become distractions in my weight loss & my relationship with God.  Sometimes you just have to burn the ship so you can't get back in the boat, you have NO option but to move forward & trust Him to guide you.

Looking forward to another successful week!

Coach Krystie

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