Sunday, January 8, 2017

Crossing off the list

As part of my goals for 2017 I decided that I no longer will hold myself back from things and that I will just go for it, to make a valid effort to "LIVE"!

Starting 2017 off great, today I went to the gun range & got to shoot for the very first time! I had been saying for nearly 3 years that I wanted to learn, well I never did anything about it and today I finally did!!  I got to shot a .38 revolver & a 9mm . I was nervous at first but I did great & I really enjoyed it. I didn't do to bad for my first time either. Lots of body shots and a few to the head!! woo hoo!

After shooting I went to sign up for a Ladies Kickball team & had my first practice!! I really enjoyed that and think I'm going to love playing on a team!! Woo hoo!!!!

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