Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 5 Cape Town ALL RED PARTY 12/12

Got up at 7:15 , Made some coffee, just hanging out since Vusi's not here. he spent the night with Kirsten. I hung my clothes out on the line and just drinking coffee . He's supposed to bring his sister and cousin here sometime this morning. We've got a ton to do to prepare for the party at 6 tonight.

Was bored waiting for Vusi & Kirsten to get to the house so I decided to exercise. I got threw 2 sets when they got here and went back out and finished the 3rd set.

I grabbed a tire and dumb-bells and made a workout!- Anyway took a shower then hung around with everyone who came to help out . around 5:40 I went up and got dressed and then we waited- Everyone was late lol so by 7pm we started eating and then the party happened. Everyone was so friendly!  I felt like a movies star with all the photos I was asked to take!!

Party was fun, I danced and drank went to sleep around 2:30
In a nut shell it was an epic party with lots and lots of drinking and lots of good times!!!!!!! I met a ton of incredible people, some became friends, some became my "family"...  great party

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