Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 4 Cape Town 12/11

I slept in till like 7:30 today! Made coffee, got ready, we're going to see the Seals today and perhaps the gardens that we missed yesterday..

I'm really having a great time in Cape Town, Vusi has been such an amazing host. So hospitable and kind!!! He's being a great tour guide!!!!

Around 10 we (Vusi, Msebe, Lizi & I) left for Seal Island, with traffic it took nearly 2 hours to get to Simon Town where we'd get on the boat to go. We arrived early and so we decided to get some lunch.. We just hung out and chatted.. I found these GREAT ornaments for the kids, they were beaded letters Perfect for the Christmas - YAY!!! 

*random side note* Notice the Ketchup bottle--- It's called Tomato Sauce

Once it was time, we boarded the boat and set sail off for Seal Island.. It was a bit chilly out on the water, all the guys put on rain coats while I stayed in my bathing suit - lol trying to get a tan! LOL
What a gorgeous view from the boat! Water & Mountains as far as I could see!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

First we spotted a few seals who were out feeding and then a Brydes Whale. It was pretty pretty big, just skimming the surface. Then the skipper noticed a hurt bird floating out in the water (his wing was broken I believe) He pulled up along side him and brought the bird into the boat with us.
Said he'd let him go back on land. Poor little guy..

The ride was so much fun!! It felt like we were on a roller coaster. Bumpy and chilly, being tossed from side to side.. We all were laughing the whole time!!!

I couldn't believe it when I saw Seal Island. I thought is was just mud & trees but as we got closer all the brown became noisy seals!!!!

(Ok bear with me I think I took 100 pics on the Island! LOL Enjoy--) At least you don't have to smell them!! OMG the Smell was AWFUL!! Words cannot describe how nasty 70,000 animals on one Island smell.... GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Right smack in the middle of all these smelly noise creatures are PENGUINS!!! WHAT??!?!?! They are a seals natural enemy? Talk about brave little birds!!!

As we made our way back we saw 2 more Brydes Whales swimming along the surface. It was very very awesome. Great experience!!

We finished the tour, and headed back, Vusi drove alone the coast on the way home so I could take pictures!! I really appreciated that, the last time he drove that route he was going really fast so no pics were available so it was great that he stopped and I could get out and take some scenic pics!!

We dropped the guys off and we came back home. I went upstairs and took a nap. -I was exhausted and could feel a slight sunburn.. He woke me at 6:30 and asked if I was going to dinner with them, I said yes and got up and got ready. About 2 minutes before we left I found out it was a nicer place so I should change my pants.. so I quick changed and we went to Shimmy Beach club. It was really pretty. - The prices were reasonable. We ate then Kirsten, Gaynor &  I did shots while Advice & Vuis chatted.. lol!!  I really liked the Taffy Apple which tasted like carmel apple.. We went out dancing in the sand- that was pretty cool.. I had a great time with the ladies!!

Vusi and Kirsten left, (Advice was going to drop us both off) we we're 1/2 way out the door, when some great music came on and Gaynor and I pulled advice back out onto the sand and danced for like another hour! LOL Then he insisted that it was time to leave so we did :( lol

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