Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 8 Cape Town 12/15

Just a few days left till I leave. Tomorrow I'll do my laundry and start packing to be ready on Thursday evening when I leave. This has been a really great vacation, I'm really glad I came! Vusi's been an amazing friend / host to me while I've been here!!

Vusi took me and his sister to the bird sanctuary, he didn't come in with us, so he dropped us off and we went in. It was so cool seeing all the birds, there were birds of every kind, from chickens to parrots to everything in between.. There was even birds of prey, which included an EAGLE!! WOW 

 These Red birds were so gorgeous! The photo doesn't do them justice!!


Good grief! Look at the size of his legs?? They are THICK!

Then we saw all these ADORABLE Guinea Pigs!!

Awwww so adorable!! I wanted to keep one but didn't think that'd go over very well at customs! LOL

Then onto the Monkey Area!! 

Tiny ones, Lemers, Mere Kats, a red Fox -- It all was incredible!!

When we were done I stopped by the trading post and got some souvenirs for the kids & I. Then Vusi picked us up and took us to see the city -I took more photos of the mountains and Cape Town below! very beautiful!!!

Graffiti on the railing! I love it!!

Cool bench at the top

Robben Island

After that Vusi took us downtown so I could do some shopping, my stupid ATM card wouldn't work so I was limited -- Bought a teeshirt, and 3 purses for the girls. Then we left there and went & got my #abashwe cap that he ordered for me! AWWWW he's the best!

Came back to the house, I made fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp & Chicken. Watched some tv.. Then he and I hung out on the patio drinking ant chatting till midnight .. I was exhausted and drunk so then I went to bed

Monday, December 14, 2015

Day 7 Cape Town 12/14

What a Day!!!! - We got ready, I made him an omelette and then we drove over to Worchester, where Fairy Glen animal reserve was. We got there early, paid $94 each to take the safari which included lunch- Kinda expensive but I was ok with it since I didn't do the shark experience.

Went to the lodge, and got a drink, (side note-- This drinking all day any time stuff is weird!!), I sat on the couch, on Facebook,  Kids were sleeping so I couldn't bother them just yet. We hung around and Vusi played the drum, then lunch was served, it was good, then it was 6 am at home so I called the kids so I could talk to Grace & everyone else, They were sleepy heads so we only chatted 6 minutes. Regardless it was good to hear from them!!

Then it was time for the Safari, We first saw the elephants, they were very cool, one was throwing dirt on himself the other was just eating

Then we saw the Antelope and the Rhinos! Poachers snuck on the reserve 5 years ago and cut their horns out, They're lucky to be alive the guide told us. The one still have a raw/red  wound that'd you'd think would've healed by now but it was so deep there was a large HOLE in his head!! YIKES!!!

Next we saw Zebra's and Wilder beasts with their babies!!! 

After that we saw a few more animals, including the gazell & a "Deer" witha a target on his butt! LOL

Then we spotted an Ostrich, and drove over to see the buffalo-- they were cool but the big guy was fed up with us after awhile so we got outta there really quickly!!!

We drove back by the Ostrich again on the way out from the buffalo then onto the Lions. They were kept in another area across the reservation.

 OMFG!! The male was sitting under a tree, he was AMAZING!!! simply gorgeous!!!!
I probably took 50 or more photos of him!! His eyes are a gorgeous gold color!! Almost a caramel/gold omg I could just stare at him for hours!!!!

He was very sleepy, Yawing and licking his paws!! It was just amazing being this close to him!
While I was watching him he yawned and then a fly was on his nose and he snapped at it, lol it about gave me a heart attack! LOL He never got up, but DAMN seeing all those teeth -- LoL whew!!

We spent a few more minutes with him then the tour was over! :( 

We left the reserve and made our way back to Cape Town.
Stopped by the store then Nando's for dinner, Came home and hung out till bedtime.