Wednesday, December 9, 2015

12/9 Day 2 Cape Town

Woke up at like 4 am LOL .. went to bed at 11. I feel fine with the time change. I think the day in London helped me adjust.

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE DAY! We left early to head over to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner. I actually felt a little sea sick on the way over and back but got some air and thankfully didn't throw up.

The prison made me sad but it was so informational. Men couldn't be around any of their own kids until the child was 18, then they lowered the age to 16. That part made me very sad!

Murders & rapists had more privileges than the political Prisoners like Nelson Mandela. Just terrible living conditions 42 men sleeping on a had concrete floor with 2 thin blankets.. After they staged a no eating for a week several months later got bunk beds to sleep on. Our tour guide was an actual prisoner for 8 /18 years of his sentence.

On the way back from the Island Dolphins came playing behind the boat!!

When the tour ended we headed back and got some lunch (wings & fries) and hung out at the restaurant playing on our phones.

From there we headed to the coast to drive around the mountain heading to Cape Point. First we stopped in Simons Island to go to Seal Island but they were closed so we headed over to see the penguins at the beach. Omg they were so adorable, They'd walk right up next to you, We even walked together up the ramp!! LOL!! INCREDIBLE!!!

Then as we were driving along the coast I saw a bunch of seals out on a rock, Omg the coast is so beautiful-- Mountains on one side and Ocean on the other! I could totally live here!!!

We got to Cape Point & I saw this gorgeous light house on top of the mountain! At that moment I didn't know we were climbing all the way to the top to see it! LOL. But we did, in my sandles and everything, up, up, up,up, up we walked.

It was defiantly a challenge but I made it! I think if I'd had my tennis shoes on, my feet wouldn't have hurt so much on the way down!

Anyway, We get to the top and I see where the 2 oceans meet. there is an actual line that the waters make. It was so beautiful at the top! Just breath taking!  On the light house, someone had scribbled Friends Forever.. so I had to take a photo!!

We worked our way back down and began to drive when we found a congress of Baboons sitting on the side of the road, blocking traffic! LOL Two of them got on Vusi's jeep and was just playing around, so we're taking photos from the inside, then Vusi gets out and starts taking pics on the outside.. I was not that brave! LOL The little one was playing peek-a-boo with m, It was so awesome, totally made my day!! I was squealing!

I was very tired while we were driving, so I took a nap while Vusi drove. We drove back to Downtown Cape Town=- Where we had ate the night before.He dropped me off at the African Jewelry store where I spent WAY TO MUCH! (103.85) but I did get my Lions Tooth again that I needed to replace. Got the kids each an African necklace. I hadn't spent any money so I'm not really going to complain. - Clearly I got ripped off though!

Went to Dinner at Arnold's and we had Kudu, Wart Hog Riblets & Ostrich. Who knew Ostrich was red meat!?!?!  I asked the manager and he got me information about why! - very cool.. learned something new.

 After dinner he took me over to where they had decorated for Christmas with the lights . It was only basically 3 blocks of decorations but they were pretty and even had CAPE TOWN in lights.

After that exhausting day I went to bed at like 10! LOL

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  1. secrect radar whoa! I love stuff like that. I think thats why I cannot get Ivan to leave. The coast line. Tho we do not have penguins on our coast!!