Tuesday, December 8, 2015

12/8 Cape Town Day 1

December 8..we arrived at around 12:15 I went through custom & then I grabbed my bag.
My friend met me at the airport gave me a hug and he took my picture by the Cape town sign!! Holy crap!! I'm really here!!!!!!! 

Went back to the house for awhile, we sat and visited on his patio for awhile, then I showered and off for sight seeing we went! He showed me different areas of Cape Town, then we went to Table Mountain to ride the sky lift to the top. 

(Side note) When the plane descended low enough that I could see I was astounded by all of the mountains! They were so high they touched the clouds!! I couldn't believe it. I told my friend when I got off the plane how in love I was with the mountains!!!

So, we go to Table Mountain, which actually kinda reminds me of stone mountain, we rode the sky lift which circled in a 360 degrees so we could see everything as we went to the top! City live view of Cape Town 

We get to the top & it's super chilly, probably 40 degrees!! We were so high we actually had clouds pass by out mouth! Lol we were literally eating clouds. We walked around for a bit, taking photos but seriously freezing so we decided it was time to come down off the mountain.... so then we drove over to a scenic point but the road was really congested so we left and headed to dinner. We went to a restaurant called Forks, they served 4 pieces of whatever on a plate & basically you share it  and order a bunch of plates to basically sample things and by the time you're done you're full... was a pretty cool concept.
Vusi's friend Advice met us there, so we all just hung out eating samples and chatting!
I tasted Kudu-- it was amazing! (like a large Gazell) and something else but I don't remember. 

Great first day!! It's so beautiful here. I can't believe it! I'm in awe everywhere we turn!