Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm going to South Africa!!!

I cannot believe this is a real post but omg it's totally happening I bought my ticket yesterday!

Vusi and I have stayed friends from the first time we met in Belize and then of course I went on the cruise with him and we still remained friends, talking all the time through emails.  well he came back to the states in the beginning of July and wanted me to come down to Orlando to see him but I wasn't able to so then we just started randomly chatting and joking around that I was going to come to his Red Party in December. He was like you totally should come and I was like uhhh don't see that ever happening -- well after going back and forth with emails and whatever I told him alright fine, if I can find something for around 1200 I'll be there-- OMFG My flight was 1263. -

So I told him and he's like oh good looks like you're coming. At first I thought it was a crazy idea but it's really an opportunity of a lifetime and I'd be crazy to pass this up.

I will have a 10 hour layover in London, where I will get to take a tour and see the sights as well! I am so FREAKING stoked about this!!!!

December 6th 2015 I fly out and return December 17th 2015.

For the next 138 days I'm going to need all the support & encouragement I can get to keep me on track and focused -- I've been doing great but appreciate any and all support to keep me going so I reach my goals before I go to Cape Town South Africa. I'm going to make Facebook my place to be accountable daily!!! -- WOO HOOO

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