Thursday, July 23, 2015

136 days until South Africa

136 days to go! Yesterday was 100% spot on, even got 20 water! I Finished the day perfect in my calories & plenty of exercise-

Thanks to those cheering me on!!

I'm going to visit family in Mississippi & Alabama this weekend Instead of eating like crap this weekend I'm planning out my breakfast and lunches. Oatmeal, flax, & Vi for breakfast,
Tuna & egg whites for lunch & I'm bringing a head of lettuce for filler before dinner.

I'm determined to stay on track as much as possible!!! ‪#‎stayontrackforSA‬
 ‪#‎capetown‬ ‪#‎southafrica‬ ‪#‎tripofalifetime‬

Update:  I had my first junk of any kind since 7/12. I had been 100% on track and rocking it. I woke up feeling bingy, think it was the alcohol from the night before??  I had fought the urge to eat all day but after my last client last night I grabbed the chips, tracked them and was like ok it fits into my day, then I a binge kicked in and I was like hell I'll just have some ice cream too..
-- I know it's was only any emotional outburst in regards to someone who's been texting me smh. --Moving on -- gonna make today great.

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