Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 6 -Sailing day 7/18

Was super tired from partying all night, finally got myself awake and went  up to Lido got an omelet and some other food and had my coffee on the deck, like I had done all week..

Went back to the room, got changed, so I then went to the Sky Course, that I had been wanting to do all week! Waiting in line for a little bit and then it was my turn! I took the "most difficult" route and headed off!! Walking on wobbly ladders, single ropes, wide ropes etc...   that was awesome!!!! 

Then went to exercise,  did 35 mins on elliptical and 15 minutes of  lifting weights, went back to the room, showered and put my bathing suit on to go sun tan

Laid out for while then Iwent to see a friend that I met the night before in the club.

Afterwards I walked back to the room, hung out for while then Vusi called to tell me that he'd made reservations at the Italian restaurant for the evening, so I just laid reading the kindle before it was time to go, Got dressed and then we went up to the Red frog and had a drink and played checkers, where I got my ass kicked over and over, I think he won all but one game, and that was only because he couldn't move! LOL 

We then went up to the restaurant,   It was nice, the food was nice and it was so nice to not be eating again on Lido! 

After dinner we went to the comedy club for both of the shows, then  we parted ways and I went out to the club then out on the deck to chat with some new friends and finally made it back to the room around 3:30!! 

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