Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 3 - Jamaica 7/15

Got up early got ready went upstairs had coffee on the deck, I thought this was a beautiful view to drink my coffee, I  Chatted with a nice man for nearly an hour, then went down to 0 to disembark.

Got off the boat pretty quickly, Got a shuttle to Dunn Falls, and paid to get in, then got with my group, met a mom and daughter from up north some where, and we chatted the whole time her name was Valerie and her daughter was Mia!

My Video /Guide - Prince Yeh Mon!

The climb up the water falls was awesome, really awesome actually we had fun,  goofing off, being silly, taking pics, they even let us slide down like a water slide, just laid on our back and slid down!!! It was amazing!  Later we  stood on an edge and fell off the rock backwards, that was scary but again awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Finished the climb, took pics, then went down to the beach, took some pics chatted with some locals who wanted to party ..lol I graciously passed!!!

Got on the shuttle they stopped at some shopping areas where I didn't like the store, they were so pushy, had some cream rum samples and left, the prices were insane,  so I went to the flea market next door and got moms tee shirt and some bracelets for the kids.

Grabbed a shot of coconut rum and tried to get wifi but it didn't work, rode the shuttle back to port, did some more shopping and got a liter of coconut rum to bring back!!!!!! LOL!! Lots of Rum today!! 
Boarded the boat totally drunk and came to the room and then went to suntan on the deck

Came back around 5 got a shower and waiting for Vusi to get here to go eat!!!!
Went to the sushi restaurant  for dinner then to comedy club after that, later went to deck party and hung out with Tanya and John (who I met when I was boarding the boat),  then  around 12:30 went to bed

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