Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 2 Sailing day 7/14

Woke up at 7, got dressed went up to lido drank coffee then went to workout walked a couple laps then did my jump ropes /runs -- Felt great to workout!!!

750 jump ropes
2 miles
5 mins elliptical
100 rows
10 box jumps

Went back to room, hung out with Vusi, went and laid on deck, sun tanning and reading the kindle.
Lunch with Vusi ate like crap!!

After lunch we sat out on the deck, had a couple drinks, I read while he listened to his music, it was nice just hanging outside, watching people.

We got dressed for formal night then went down to the lobby and had a drink while we waited for the meet and greet to start. 

Went to formal night had 2 lobster tails, 6 jumbo shrimp, mashed potato,  salad,and bread
Then to comedy shows with Vusi
Pina colada
Half strawberry daquerie half pina colada
Went to club it sucked, it was only Latin Music playing and not even good, so  came back to the room and called it a night!!!!

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