Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cruise 7.13 - 7.19 Day 1

Day 1
Got up at 410am got ready and left for the airport,  my gps took me to the international side and I couldn't figure out how to get out of the loop!!!
Finally got out and drove to the proper side, like 5 miles away lol
Got checked in, kissed the girls and went through security,  got to my gate and just hung out.
The flight was smooth, so I napped a little,  after I landed went to baggage claim got my bag and just sat until my shuttle arrived.

Get to port around 1035 and get checked in, where they said we'll be boarding by 11-1130 umm ya right it was 1230 before they started boarding I didn't get on till nearly 1, was starving got to the entrance and Vusi came and got me. We hugged and he took me to our room.

We hit things off pretty quickly chatting and being silly, I gave him his birthday presents and then we went upstairs so I could eat lunch since I was starving!!!

After lunch we went back to the room, hung out then I got my bathing suit on and went to serenity deck to
lay out (he had to go to work) called the kids while I was sun tanning,  then went back to room while they did safety briefings and came back out for sail away deck party. Danced to a couple songs then went back to room to get showered for dinner

After dinner we walked around the boat for a little bit, then  we went to the comedy shows with Percy Crews 2. He was very funny!!!


Percy Crews 2

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