Friday, April 25, 2014


I worked really really hard, that kind of loss doesn't happen usually except I know that it was mostly water weight and bloating from not going to the bathroom like I should have!
Regardless, I'll take it. I was on track with my food & water and helped flush the junk out

My next goal is 178 by the end of this month!! Got to get out of the 80's 

Next goal after that is 168 by May 31st

ughh I made some terrible choices last night, ended up going over my calories, just random eating.. a marshmallow, a piece of chocolate,  a pack of crackers, Peanut butter toast... etc-- I made the mistake of telling someone that I cared about them and it was not repriocrated ... So then it just started, I was muching and grabbing full but still eating, I put myself to bed at 9 pm because I couldn't do it anymore, --- 

- Not beating myself up just being accountable for my actions , and moving forward

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