Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 3 on Restart (Valentines day)

What a day, I'm glad it's over now, I didn't get any sleep the night before, was on the phone and then went to see a friend of mine for an early breakfast.

After that, came home, got the kids up & off to school, took the two middle ones to school, got gas and then went to the park and walked for nearly an hour run keeper messed up so I don't know exactly what I did, aprox 2.5 -2.75 miles, it was COLD 37 degrees, humid, there was ice, snow & tree limbs all over the place and I really didn't want to walk because my legs were sore from the day before's workout but I did it anyway.. put my hoodie up and walked walked walked. I think there was so many times I wanted to just stop but I kept pushing myself

From there I left the park and headed to my clients house did a little workout with her, then came home and took a nap, not much of once but a little

Later that day I went to the freezer for something and saw oatmeal cookie dough, so I ate 5 of them, then got control of myself, went upstairs and made myself some chicken & celery with hummus for dinner.. Greg shows up with Valentines candy, and I didn't even ask the kids for any just hung out so anyway they leave and I have to take Grace's friend home, so I leave there and drive to Dairy queen and get a Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard with pecans (small) and devoured it by the time I got home.  Ate 3 pieces of salt water taffy and then stopped!! I tracked everything today and of course the blizzard put me a bit over my calories but it was not mass destruction. Ended up just going to bed so that I didn't do anything else for damaage

Yes I was feeling sad and alone, my first Valentines that I had no one, no kids, no date -- Sucked but I was able to control the emotions to a point...LOL and I got 9 hours of sleep!! LOL

 Here's to a better day today

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