Wednesday, February 12, 2014

100%Transparent restart

I have no excuses, I could sit here blaming this that & everything else, from the failed relationships, to my mother being here to whatever, but the truth of the matter is I chose to slack off, I chose to binge, I chose to ignore my healthy habits, and I chose not to take care of myself.

I have been binging and gorging and stuffing myself for months, barely doing any exercises, and defiantly OUT EATING what I burned gaining a little at a time. Nothing fits right, by the time I got off the cruise I was not happy with how I was looking in photos at all very bloated and ugh!

When I got back from the cruise I got on the scale and I was like HOLY CRAP!! How did I do that? How did I gain 20 pounds I said, Oh yeah all the cookie, cake & ice cream, and binging at night is how I did that. All the out to eat, with Wings, French Fries, Golden Corral & fast food did that. Eating whatever I want on the cruise did that. Not drinking my water did that. So how could I sit there saying OMG how'd that happen, I knew exactly what had!!!!  I was so pissed, I kept saying NO NO NO!! I will fix this!! Grr I got this.. Blah blah blah, that was the 27th of January and here it is the 12th and I'm finally getting serious!! .. I start off good then binge binge binge at night ignoring everything I'd done during the day...At first I wasn't going to post this, because "Coach Krystie had a set back" but then I said you know what... FORGET IT, I am going to make this public...  Do I share this for sympathy? No, Do I share it for "oh it's ok" comments.. NO, I share this because we all have set backs, I don't care how great you are, you will experience set backs, it's how you REBOUND from them that defines you, so I share to help let you know you don't have to keep spiraling out of control, just make that first step and RESTART!!!!!

So today Feb 12th 2014 is my day one. It's also my grandpa's birthday (who passed away in 07) I guess it hit me today that when I was losing the weight I would look at him photo and that gave me motivation to get moving.. so today really inspired me to get my head out of my ass and fix what I've done.

I start fresh--- This morning, I weighed and I'm down 4 pounds from the cruise, to 181.6 I've got to get out of the 80s this is what held me back before was getting stuck in the 80's . Just see-sawing up and down coasting by...

My first goal is 10 pounds, that is totally doable!! I will reach that goal by MARCH 14th!!!
After that my 2nd Goal is 20 pounds by April 20th
And my 3rd goal will be 30 pounds in 100 days which is MAY 23rd (day before my mothers's birthday)


I will stop the night binges
I will Drink my water
I will track EVERYTHING
I will drink my shakes
I will get my exercise daily (6 days a week)

Today, Grace & I did 25 minutes of Cardio, It was fun doing a circut again, it's been a while!! Squats, kettlebell, bicep with over head press, ball slams, & ladder work. Plus jumping jacks & then later I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, I'm feeling great & determined!!

I want to look better and feel better! & have my clothes fit again! I WILL MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!! I've done before and I'll be damned I'm gonna go backwards!! I've come to far to stop!!! I'VE GOT THIS!! 

Finished the day with 1538 calories 14 water & 70 minutes of exercise

Turning this setback into my best comeback ever!!! 


Feel free to comment below if you'd like


  1. Wow, Krystie, it is so great to read you and being able to admire your transparency. Helps me so much!!!!

  2. Bravo! We are only human and we all make mistakes and get off track. Like you said, its all about rebounding. Love your determination and motivation.

  3. Krystie,

    This is why I love you girl. NOTHING is going to stop you from your goal.

    I will take today, Feb 13, 2014 as my day 1. I too have slacked off, I did really well for a while and then I just gave up. there is no excuse.

    My goals 10 pounds by March 14,
    20 pounds by April 20th and
    30 lbs in 100 days (for me the day after Mother's day)

    it's 1:00 and I haven't eaten yet so I can start off right now.
    Hugs from Ohio Girl!

  4. Thank you ladies!! Trixie, Im cheering you on honey!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!

  5. You can do it! One step, One meal, One day at a time- you will reach your goals! Even with this setback in your journey, you are still truly an inspiration. You inspire me every day! You make us see that everyone has set backs, no matter who you are. I have been struggling for months, as well, and im doing alot better, just waiting for that scale to catch up. Always remember, do not let the scale define you. If you are working hard and doing everything right and the scale doesnt move, keep going because you are making a difference and will see results! Im here for you, and if you need someone to keep you accountable, you know where I am. Im cheering you on! You can do this! Hugs!