Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Goals until 1/1

I cannot believe we are less than 80 days away from 2014. This whole year has just slipped away, it's been interesting for sure, weight wise I've been about the same wait for the entire time.  I'm losing the same 10 pounds over & over & over.
No more games I am going to push through that 10 pounds, break through the barrier and finish this journey once and for all!!!!!! 

I actually hired an online coach to help me as well, I am always supporting other people and really have no support of my own so having her for the accountability will be great, it will be weird to be the one getting support instead of the one supporting. even the best of the best need someone to help them & coach them sometime. so I'm going to be a good student and listen.

Today is day 2 that I have been back on track from Disney, and I'm doing great, I trained my client then walk for 4 miles at the park

my goals until 1.1.14 are:

-drink 14 glasses of water everyday
-track all of my food
-stay in my ranges - 1200-1450
-exercise 90 minutes 5 times a week
-walk every single day at least one mile
-have at least 1000  calorie deficit
-drink to Vi shakes a day
-check in with my coach

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