Thursday, October 17, 2013

76 days till 1.1

Yesterday 10-16 was a great day, I got a great walk in first, then later did a INTENSE beast mode workout
75 of each- 30# ball slams 25# kettlebell swings, 50# squat / overhead press, 20# each arm heavy pants, step up squats with 30# ball, jumping jacks & jumping rope and then I taught a 30 min online personal training session with Amanda
Made healthy food choices & drank my water and got my vitamins!! Awesome day!

my goals until 1.1.14 are:

-drink 14 glasses of water everyday 
-track all of my food
-stay in my ranges - 1200-1450
-exercise 90 minutes 5 times a week
-walk every single day at least one mile
-have at least 1000  calorie deficit
-drink two Vi shakes a day
-check in with my coach

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