Friday, October 18, 2013

74 days until 1.1.14 Oct 18th

I could make a million excuses why I don't want to work out today, I was up late couldn't sleep have a headache, stomach hurts but yet I have my shoes on and I"m going exercise. #noexcuses #beastmode #determined #roar -- Woo hoo update, went and walked outside for an hour!

I had the opportunity to go out to dinner tonight but they were going to Golden Corral, a place I lose all willpower and self control at so I opted not to go. Made a Banana cinnamon shake instead!!  I am so determined to stay on track!!
I'm worth it!!!

Starting my meal plan from my coach tomorrow and strength training she sent me. I will weigh & measure as well.

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  1. Great job! So proud of you for avoiding Golden Coral and staying home! It must have taken a lot of willpower to do that. Again, great job! We can do this and finish the year strong!