Wednesday, October 30, 2013

64 days till 1.1

I restarted my 90 day challenge on Monday, which will take me till 1/26 - The realization that my 36th birthday was less than 90 days away was quite a wake up call! I started my journey in 2010 and got to where I wanted to in less than 2 years,  then the separation/divorced happened and I stayed right where I was for weight (maintained). Then 2013 came around and I vowed, I'll finish this journey, I'll get on track and make it happen, well it's now the 29th of October and I weight exactly what I weighed at the beginning of the year... I can call it a plateau I can say my body just wont let go of anymore I can call it what I really want but the truth of the matter is, I haven't pushed myself as hard as I really could have to make it happen. I think we all go through those struggles on our journey, some last longer than others, but it's what you learn from it in the end that makes or breaks you.

Honestly, my eating has been all over the place, especially since May when I got a boyfriend, lots of eating out, traveling and unhealthy  choices,  my weight would go down 10lbs then back up and then down and up and so on.,. Now that the boyfriend is no more, it's really time I focus on finishing this journey and  making my goals and dreams happen. I do not want to enter 2014 the same size I was when I entered 2013, I am focused and ready to do this!!

Had an AWESOME day yesterday, went for a walk and decided to try jogging (something I hadn't done in prob 8 months) and realized very quickly just how fast you lose your cardio endurance if you don't use it regularly. I used to run NON STOP 6 miles and not even think about it, yesterday I had all I could do to run .25 of a mile!! That made me mad, mad that I had let myself go! WHAT? That's not me, and boy let me tell you, it lit a fire in me, I was in true BEAST MODE all day and even in the evening when I normally lose control I had complete control of my mind and didn't even think about binging or caving into my emotions.

I got this !


  1. Great job. And I hear you on the cardio endurance. My last 5K I pr'd at 28 minutes. Now I can't even run to the end of the block :/