Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Online Coaching Packages

Would you love a trainer, but have a crazy schedule that you can't consistently commit to workout times? Can't afford a personal trainer? Can't get to a gym and want to workout from home? Just starting out and not sure where to begin? Have you been working out and need something new? My coaching will work for you!! 

All the workouts can be done at home or in the the gym! There are lots of different workouts to keep you from getting bored!  Whether you're an emotional eater, binge eater, grazer, aches & pains,  or just plain out of control...  I've been there and can help you.

I'm now offering 3 different packages to chose from, 
with me as your cheerleader and gal to ask all those questions (I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach & Weight Loss Expert.) 

I've lost 120 pounds on my own with no surgery, no starving, no fad diets and very little support and even went through a divorce and was still successful!!  I've worked for two major online communities as a Online Coach, was  filmed for GPB's television show "The weigh we were" for people who've lost it the healthy way and helped numerous people lose from 20-80 pounds as their coach!!

 Take my hand! Let me help you reach your finish line!!!

basic Coaching package 
 - Daily email workout,
 Afternoon text to check in,
 Morning email for accountability
 private facebook group for additional support 
 Unlimited Emails
Only $20.00 a week!!

 Medium Coaching package includes

 Daily email workout,
 Afternoon text to check in
 Morning email for accountability,
 private Facebook group for additional support,
 voxer support, 
1 live 30 minute webcam session per month, 
4 20 minute phone calls per month
 Help with meal planning.
 Unlimited Texts
Unlimited Emails
-Only $35.25 a week

ultimate package which includes 

daily email workout
Afternoon text to check in
Morning email for accountability, 
private Facebook group for additional support
Unlimited Voxer Support 
Unlimited Texts
Unlimited Emails
Weekly live face to face meetings via web cam 4 live 30 minute webcam (1 per week)
10- 45 minute phone calls 
Help with meal & menu planning
Motivational articles
Daily Inspirational Quotes 
Daily food checks (you have to track your food!! LOL)
1 Online 20-30 minute workout session (via webcam) custom made to fit your fitness level.
-Only $45.25 a Week

I would love to have you join my team!!

Call me today 678-964-5797



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