Thursday, August 15, 2013

Let's see, where was I again? Oh yeah.....Day 23

Been awhile since I've blogged, not sure why  I stopped, other than the fact that I have been off track, easier to not face it if I don't have to blog about it, I did great, then bad then great, then went to South Carolina and we wont even talk about all the fried foods that I ate!! YUCK!!  Came home scale had me at 177 again.. Dammit I'm so sick of this up and down shit!!!! I found this on facebook the other day, and I'm TOTALLY gonna make it happen. Time to kick ass and get this journey back where it needs to be!!

Monday I heard Katy Perry's new song ROAR, omg that is my Song!!! OMG! I have been "Roar"ing since I started my journey, when I created the Dandy Lions team & got the tattoo, it's time for me to ROAR again!!  

Been 100% on track and feeling really great the last couple days!! Business is picking up and I'm working out lots now!! Nutrition for the last 2 days have been GREAT!!!

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