Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday! What a fun day 31/90 days

What a day! Trained 2 clients back to back, the first one was 30 minutes of cardio, then I went to the next one and we went for a walk, him carrying a 30 pound ball in a backpack, me carrying 2 kettlebellls, one 15 & one 10 pound and we walked 2 miles!! woo hoo! Came back to his house and did boxing with weights!!

Food wise was ok, lunch was a little higher because I chose to have some tator tots!!  but balanced it out for the evening and didn't actually binge higher in calories but still had a deficit so  not beating myself up for it. Just pressing forward.

Left my phone on my trunk and drove off, retraced my route twice and it was gone, thinking someone found it... so now I'm without a phone until I can get a replacement!! UGH

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