Sunday, July 14, 2013

So proud of myself I may burst!!!!!!!!!!

OMG so the other day I blogged that I couldn't really ever go to the movies again because my boyfriend always get a large popcorn and a large coke and I find myself eating half of it and drinking tons of coke. Well I had the realization that OF COURSE I CAN RESIST if I WANT TOO! Its truly all in the mind, if I make up my mind that I'm going to do something then there is NOTHING that's going to stop me, today I made up my mind, I've had a great week, I don't want it nor do I need it and I'm not touching it and I didn't!!! BAM BAM!! BAM!!!!!

Soooo freaking proud of myself!!!!!!

On track and having a perfect day

Finished the day with 1311 Calories, 121 Carbs 36 Fat, 106 protein, 899 sodium & 26 fiber

Back to exercising tomorrow!!

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