Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30th Day 7/30


Restarted my journey, highest at 179.8 pissed off but not willing to really fix it, stalled lost same 5 pounds over and over. Vitality came and went, me 40 lbs from goal ughhhhh

Restarted again at 175.6 with Amanda 90 day crunch time!!!
Chest 34 
Waist 34
Upper 32
Hips 40
Butt 41
Thigh 22 L 23 R
Calves 15  & 15
Bicep 12 

Did good for a few days, then Sunday, Binged from Hell, ended up so sick yesterday, running to the bathroom every 10 minutes, chills, aches, pains, omg it was awful, ate very little yesterday, tried to get in more but just couldn't. Today has been good, Shake for breakfast, eggs avocado & tomato for lunch, cookie and apple. I'm at 1200 calories for the day!

I will control myself and my portions, I will not lose control, I WILL NOT FAIL!! BEAST MODE!!!

Just realized air popped popcorn isn't as low calories as I thought, 3 tablespoon unstopped is 130 calories!! UGHHH I thought 60! ugh

Gotta restart tracking everything, being diligent & disciplined! 168.8 this morning
1st goal get out of the 60's - so that's 8.8 pounds by end of August. 
 2nd goal 155 3rd goal 150 and into my size 6 jeans 


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