Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 1 of 90 Crunch Time

Yesterday was a great day, I set my goals, stayed on track and got lots of exercise.

First I trained my clients with cardio, then grocery shopping then later cardio class where we ran a mile then did 45 minutes of more beast mode cardio and then abs!

I'm putting up my STARTING over pics for accountability! I'm not thrilled with how they look and will work my butt off to have my ending ones look amazing~ 30 pounds is my goal.


Amanda & I restarted our challenges so we can do them together!! I would love for us to be the next Project 10 winners too!!!!!

Yesterday I ended the day with 1410 calories 134 Carbs 45 Fat 137 Protein, 1306 Sodium & 38 Fiber - 

Total Calories burned 2747 (1332 Deficit) 2 Hrs 24 mins total activity 14,131 Steps taken

Join us for your own 90 Day Challenge at  and WIN by losing!

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