Wednesday, July 24, 2013

90 day run its Crunch time

So Amanda and I decided to restart our 90 day challenge I was 18 days into my new one and she was 14 days into hers, but after coming back from vitality were both pumped up and wanted a clean slate.

I encouraged her to come up with some goals and I would do the same to keep each other accountable.

I need to come up with personal, weight loss & Business goals.  The next 30 days I will

Weight loss...
1.Stay on track with my food everyday, keeping in my range of 1430 or less

2. 12 cups water or more daily by 9pm
3 Exercise 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes
4 track everything
5. No nighttime binging/eating
Plan meals ahead

1.Get back to reading my bible
2. Go to bed before 11pm
3. Take my morning & evening Vi pack

1. Post regularly on craigslist
2. Pass out business cards at stores
3. Post online advertising (Facebook twitter Instagram)
4 log miles everytime
5.2 new clients

Vi business.
1Call people who are not on it.
2Follow up with former clients
3 Share challenge daily
4 Post on social networks
5 schedule and host 2 Challenge parties


  1. Awesome we can do this! Great goals!

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