Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9 on fire

Today has been a good day, what could have turned into a train wreck turned out just fine, Made a healthy breakfast, then went shopping with the kids, decided to get wings, skipped the fries and ordered a salad with  it instead, (skipped the cheese as well), Now I did eat the wings, and then I had a handful of the kids fries, so I knew I'd have to eat low for dinner to make sure I stayed on track, came home and busted out 90 minutes of exercise, feeling like I really really didn't want to but I kept pressing forward and got it done. (Why is it that when I eat "unhealthy" I want to make unhealthy choices thereafter?!! GRR) anyway pushed through the I don't wanna and then felt better.

Was feeling "munchy" but I controlled myself , ate an apple and a carrot, then went and trained my client and came home, made a shake with no milk (PB2 Vi, and  banana & caramel extract). Super yuumm!

Finished the day on track and proud of myself again!!!

I'm 100 calories over and while that's not my goal, I'd rather only be 100 than 1,000 from binging!!

1534 calories 135 Carbs 89 Fat 125 Protein 569 Sodium 22 Fiber

If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 161 lbs in 5 weeks

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