Thursday, April 11, 2013

Welll........ Day 6

Today was not a good day, I had a client in the morning, then came home and forced myself to do 60 minutes on the Elliptical (didn't want to but I did) and then I took a nap, I was really on track for the day until after supper and then all hell broke loose.

Went to the store with Miranda, Stopped and ate 1 medium PB cup Blizzard  then at Walmart I bought a king size Snicker PB and ate it in the parking lot,  then  came home and later ate 2 bowls of corn flakes & a banana

Just have to shake it off and start fresh tomorrow!! I will learn to control the sugar cravings!! I'm getting there!! One day at a time


On a positive This morning 162.2 I love the definition I'm getting, my baby abs are becoming more visible  and my biceps/arms are looking awesome!!

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