Monday, April 22, 2013

Feeling so great Day 16

This has been a great few days,  so on track and rocking. Super proud of myself!!! Beast mode
Today was an awesome day, went to the gym trained a client, was talking to my friend (who just happens to be a pro boxer) and he asked me for my business card for a couple of his friends!! OMG woo hoo!

That totally made my day, He's a supreme athlete and he wants to hook his friends up with me! OMG!! WOW! Talk about an ego boost for me!!! God is really good and I'm very thankful for even just the consideration

Made great choices all day, ate healthy no binging! Got on the scale it was 161.2 woo hoo!! YAY

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  1. good things are going to come your ways and you desrve it friend.