Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doing great! On track & Rocking 19

Was a great Thursday I trained a client, then went and climbed Stone Mountain. It was awesome, I had done it last summer and I got a bit winded then, but when  climbed yesterday I wasn't winded at all, and felt awesome!! I'm super sore from stepping up on the high rocks!! Talk about a serious legs &  glutes workout!! LOL I'm thrilled how far I've come with my cardio and strength, staying healthy has it's perks! I never would have even thought about CLIMBING a mountain when I was heavy, heck I hated climbing stairs!!  I wished I lived closer to Stone Mountain and I'd make that Mt a part of my weekly workouts (eventually running up it 1.20 miles )

Was on track with food 100% , water was low but I hit it before bed.. Friday my water goal is 15 cups!!

Myfitness pal says:  If every day were like today... You'd weigh 147.9 lbs in 5 weeks, That is so motivating to me to see the daily "if every" in the 140's! Just means I'm getting closer and closer to where I want to be! I used to get excited when I say "if every day 160, 158 " etc!!!

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