Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 23.. not a lot better than day 22 actually worse...

 Started the day ROCKING! Woke up determined to set the world on fire, got a great cardio workout in, and then as the day progressed it all went to hell, I cannot even remember all the bad choices I made with food, candy here, candy there, trail mix here, nuts there, barley any water, stress stress stress!! Went to the Braves game with my friend and we had AMAZING seats, literally within arms reach of the Bull Pin for the Washington Nationals and outfield!!.. I was 3 seats from their pitcher!!! Very awesome! Too bad I'm not a fan of theirs or I would have been so begging for autographs!! (NOW if Rick Ankiel were still with them, that'd be another story I may have lept over the wall to kiss him LOL! I've got such a crush on him!! Giggle,.

Onward and forward to an AMAZING Tuesday

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