Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another awesome Day!! Day 17

I had a great day, I went for a run for the Dandy Lion 10k and beat my best time!!!  I walked more than I wanted to but only for a short 30 seconds and then started moving again! Even with a phone call and stopping I am super proud of myself for doing it!!!!

 This was me before the Run!

After I did my run I came home and got on the scale and WOOO HOOOO 159.4 so thrilled!!!!

Later that evening I had a focus group with my daughter Grace so we drove to Atlanta and ate at the food court, I ordered Chicken, Black eyed Peas & Potatoes , I'm sure it was a lot of sodium but the best that I had to chose from. On the way home we got a Mini DQ Blizzard, ended the day a bit higher in calories than I would have liked so today I have to be 100% Spot on to ensure that the scale keeps moving!!! Yesterday I had a 983 calories deficit so I was only off a little from my 1,000 calorie deficit goal. Great thing for the run!!! LOL

I'm thrilled to see how the shakes are working ( BODY BY VI ) when I actually follow the plan and do the workouts!!!! I started the challenge 17 days ago and I'm down from 166.8 to 159.4!! HECK YA!!!!! 


  1. You are freaking amazing! and yep... I can't count how many times running has saved me calorie wise the last couple months. :D

  2. CONGRAT ON THE WEIGHT LOSS you doing great my body want to run my arthetic don;t even want to walk today lol you are beautiful inside as well as outside