Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WOO HOO!! I'm just a girl and I'm FIREEE!!

A great day yesterday, I went for a run and did some interval training, 4.12 in 48:56 minutes. Around 11:50 for miles per hour, I went a new route and was greeted with a big ass hill, but I pressed on and made it up the hill, then did some speed running, and then some walking... My goal is 62 mins or less for a 6.2 (10k) by April 21st. Still got plenty of time to work on my speed!!

Later trained a client and did 30 mins elliptical on hills, then 30 mins strength training, then went and trained another client and did 30 more minutes

Scale is moving back down in the right direction YAY!!
I've lost 6lbs since the 1st when I got on the scale at 170.2 THANK GOD! Done with that gaining crap!!

Made GREAT food choices yesterday, and got my water in.

My BodyMedia Fit Says
GOAL --                               ACTUAL
Calories Burned 2520 -             2971
Calories Consumed 1520          1580
Calorie DEFICIT  1000           1391
 Physical Activity 2:30                2:32
Steps Taken 15000                 17943

My Fitnesspal says : If every day were like today :You'd weigh 151.1 lbs in 5 weeks


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  1. you are simply amazing!!!! and will reach your goal weight. and holy buckets, you got some speed on you ;) BTW, love the toes.