Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh man 3/10 turned out to be a crappy choices day. I had my two shakes then Greg and I went for dinner and all hell broke loose. Rocking onion petals and peanuts at Logans started the destruction,followed by mashed potatoes, (I did get broccoli steamed and salad no cheese, no croutons) then went to target, bought a king size peanut butter Snickers, ate 3 squares, then went to see Oz. 
Ate 1/2 bag Reeses Pieces, and some Twizzlers, with Coke zero to drink. Wtf

Omg by end of movie my tummy was so stuffed and swollen and hurting.. What the hell was i thinking... Rough night sleep with indigestion uhhgggghh that will teach me to do stupid stuff.

Gonna make today a much healthier day !!!!!! It's a new day and I will not repeat that again

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