Saturday, March 9, 2013

3.8 bammmmm!!!!

Another amazing day, got up trained a client, killed it on strength training today, then came home had a nap then went for a run, mu body just ached everywhere so my run turned into a 4 mile walk. I'd rather log the miles for moon joggers than quit, so walking won.

Then went to grocery store  and came home, I'm detoxing today (no I'm not starving! ) it's easy, three shakes, yogurt, and an avocado, eek I am not loving the texture but I'm gonna find a way to eat it since they're so healthy for me.

Made really really great choices today, even was tempted after a great workout to eat a HUGE praline, instead I looked it up saw how many calories I had and said "PASS"!!

My BodyMedia Fit Says
 GOAL --                              ACTUAL
 Calories Burned 2520 -             2754
Calories Consumed 1520           1672
Calorie DEFICIT 1000              1082
 Physical Activity 2:30                 2:52
 Steps Taken 15000                   18014 

Even thought I was higher that "goal" I managed to get more exercise so I still got my 1,000 Plus deficit

My FitnessPal Says if everyday were like today you'd weigh 151 in 5 weeks.

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