Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday was a good day, actually it was a great day, I was on track rocking, did a  Bob Harper Video in the morning! 30 minutes of sweat!! I knew I had cardio later so I took it fairly easy the rest of the afternoon. Then the kids came home and it started!! UGH while I was preparing dinner they just kept bickering and fighting, sending my stress level right to BINGE mode, Instantly I opened the cupboard, grabbed my gluten free rice crackers and  I ate 3, then 2 more, grabbed my phone logged it and said to them, STOP before I eat the whole house!!! I instantly realized what I was doing, where I was about to go with my food (about 1000 calories in 3 minutes), so I  walked out of the kitchen and occupied myself with other thing until it was time to go to the gym.

Thankfully I had  planned my meals and snacks ahead of time and knew that I'd be ok even with those 5 crackers, the planning really helped me in my mind because I was like NO NO NO, you're day is set to be on track don't don't don't!!!

So I went to the gym where I knew I was going to teach an hour cardio, but I knew I was short on my burn so I logged 30 mins of Elliptical before I left the house, and that made me committed, I said, when class is done I will get on the Elliptical for 30 minutes to help me reach my cardio burn for the day & I did! Another proud of me moment! I could have just said NOO I'm tired, don't want to but I pushed though!

Came home at my snack that I accounted for earlier in the day, knew I was going to be over by about 40 calories from my highest  - but was ok with that since I had already accounted for the shake and I really needed the protein after working out.

Went to bed shortly after 10, kept waking up, then around 2 my stomach is growling, I feel like I'm starving, but kept telling myself, NO you are not getting up, this is the old binge habit trying to kick in, You can wait till morning, I knew if I got out of bed I was gonna devour the kitchen in minutes, so I laid there, tossed and turned for like an hour and finally dozed back off.

Again very proud of myself! I chose to make great choices and stopped a binge dead in its tracks! A+ day for me in my opinion. 

My BodyMedia Fit Says
GOAL --                               ACTUAL

Calories Burned 2520 -             2558
Calories Consumed 1520          1683
Calorie DEFICIT  1000            875
 Physical Activity 2:30                2:12
Steps Taken 15000                 13120

If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 152.1 lbs in 5 weeks

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